Since 2000, we have hosted more than thirty events, bringing together diverse voices to discuss energy work, spirituality, psychic development, and personal growth. Our mission is to promote understanding and tolerance to strengthen our communities.



Gather is held in June in the small, welcoming town of Oberlin, Ohio. We welcome new attendees, and ask only that you come with a willingness to accept other people’s truths, even when they are not your own. We invite you to share your experiences, and listen to the experiences of others, offering the same courtesy you expect. Michelle Belanger, Founder of House Kheperu, offers small-group classes on similar topics throughout the year at nearby Inspiration House. In 2019, we are delighted to announce that Gather will again be hosted at the Hotel at Oberlin.

Gather is my favorite convention, period. I come back every year for incredible conversations with incredible people, and for the classes, and after last year, for the food! It always feels like coming home.
— anonymous attendee of Gather

What We've Achieved

  • Brought together up to 150 people per event to discuss energy work and psychic development

  • Created a safe, welcoming, supportive community for people of alternative spiritual paths to discuss practices, challenges, and similarities without fear of stigma or judgment

  • Supported our attendees in developing their unique skill sets, including energy body portraits

  • Offered more than 200 classes facilitated by practitioners of more than 20 different magickal paths

  • Encouraged longtime attendees to present on their favorite topics, and start the conversations they want to be part of

  • Created a lasting relationship with the Hotel at Oberlin, a new hotel built to LEED platinum standards, and owned by Oberlin College