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House Kheperu was founded in 1996 by Michelle Belanger. In 2017, we successfully applied for tax exemption from the IRS. Our mission is to foster tolerance and understanding to strengthen our communities — and the way we work towards that mission is by hosting our yearly Gather.

So — how can you get involved? Three simple ways.


join our online forums

Come share your stories and experiences, and ask questions about energy work, psychic phenomena, and magick. Keep the conversations that start at Gather going all year. Join us at


House Kheperu is an all-volunteer organization. At this time, 100% of your donations go to supporting our yearly Gather. Your donations help make Gather the best it can be.

come to gather

Every year, we come together for an intense weekend of energy work, conversation, and connection in the small town of Oberlin, Ohio. Our Gather is open to the public. Learn about the event and register here.