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We are

House Kheperu,

the House of Transformation 

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We take our name from an ancient Egyptian word that means “to transform, to change, to become.” We see our spiritual path as a process of transformation wherein we awaken to deeper and deeper truths about our own nature, and the nature of the universe we exist in. In embodying and balancing these truths in ourselves, we then become catalysts that facilitate the same process of transformation in the world around us. We are advocates of both tolerance and diversity. In looking within ourselves, we cannot help but realize that individuals are exceedingly complex, so we feel it is both facile and naïve to assume that one doctrine of belief can somehow answer all questions for all people.

As teachers and wisdom-keepers, we do not seek to recruit any to our path. Instead, help those we instruct to explore many different ideas, beliefs, and practices, so they may ultimately discover the path that is most right for them.

As we are dedicated to change, so we are dedicated to balance. We have a spiritual imperative to look within ourselves and accept whatever truth is there, then to balance this inherent nature with our personal ideals. As a result, we each embody a complex diversity of attitudes, qualities, preferences, and beliefs. Each member is a union of opposites, a dynamic microcosm that embodies varying shades of male and female, young and old, dark and light, secular and sacred.

House Kheperu is not a religion, nor is it intended to be. Each member is encouraged to search for and define their own spiritual path, hence our motto, “Seek Your Own Truth.”

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