How do i learn more about house kheperu?

Reading through the blog on our website is a good start. We also recommend checking out Michelle Belanger’s books, particularly the House Kheperu Archives, the Psychic Vampire Codex, and the Psychic Energy Codex. If even that isn’t enough to sate your curiosity, or if you’re someone who gets more out of conversations than books, you’re welcome to join us in June at our annual Gather in Oberlin, Ohio. Oh, and if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you can find us there too.

how do I apply for membership?

The best way to apply for membership with the House is to make a point of meeting us in person first. We are a highly selective group, and we will not extend an application to anyone we do not know relatively well. Conversation over email and chat is a good place to start, but we feel strongly that meeting in person is vital as well. Please note that this introductory phase generally lasts more than one year.

Once we have a good feel for who you are, if you are interested in applying, we will send you a link to our application online. Membership is not a good fit for everyone. At the point that you fill it out and submit the application to us, we will discuss it, and let you know the outcome.

will you make me a vampire?

No. We won’t. Please go read the Psychic Vampire Codex, and forget what you learned from True Blood and Buffy. Fun as those shows are… they’re still fiction.

How do I get a reading from a house member?

Some of our members and allies offer energy body portraits or energy body readings. They have websites for those services (including Cat’s Aether Body Art). In general, House members do not offer traditional psychic readings. We prefer to empower you to come to your own understanding, rather than telling you what we perceive and what we think it means.