House Kheperu maintains a social media presence on our Facebook page, and on twitter. If you’re interested in attending Gather or have attended in the past, you’re also welcome to join our Gather group on facebook and follow @HKGather on twitter.

In 2019 House Kheperu started a new online forum. Join us for conversations about energy work, personal growth, the paranormal, past lives, vampirism, identity, and more.


Our quarterly newsletter, the Midnight Sun, was given new life in 2018. Subscribe here for more of our perspectives on magick and energy work, and for news on our upcoming events.


As a small nonprofit, we do our best to respond to emails in a timely fashion. However, we are staffed entirely by volunteers, all of whom have their own lives and work to attend to. Please be patient with us, and we will do our best to respond with the thought and care your questions deserve, or direct you to a more appropriate resource.