In the following ritual, Warrior Caste Elder Jason B. Crutchfield shares his methods for cleansing and setting up spiritual protection in a new place of residence.

Familiarize yourself with the house — both its lay-out and its feel. If there are places that give you a certain impression look into this. What is that impression telling you? Once you know the house, start blocking it from the outside world. You do this by seeing shutters on the windows and bars across the doors. See yourself building these shutters and bars. Concentrate on these creations and invest them with your protective energies. This should create a defensive layer on your house that should keep things out.

As to guards. My best suggestion is if you have found any Family sprits or friendly spirits ask them to help protect the house. Offer them energy for this service, but only offer this if you know they are safe. This is your basic deal with spirits — services for energy — that is all. Remember never place too much trust in spirits or come to rely on them too heavily. They are nothing compared to your own skills.

How does one cleanse a house? First, be polite. Stand in a central location and let everything know that this is now your house. Stake your claim on the territory and lay down rules. Describe what kind of things you will and will not tolerate in your house. Then warn everything that you are going to cleanse the energy of the entire place. If there are good spirits around, ask them to step aside for a while as you do the sweep and clear so your new home is starting energetically with a fresh slate.

How do you drive spirits out? Well I use a bell, but other things can work. Incense, other music, candle light, even pots and pans. What I would do is, first open up the front door, so things can leave. Then go through the house and say out loud, “Those that would bring harm to this house are no longer welcome.” Then you make the noise, ring the bell, use the incense. Go through the entire house this way starting up stairs in the far reaches and moving down towards the door. While doing this be very conscious of the fact that you are capable to driving unwanted things out. Make sure the spirits know this. Intimidate them. Let them know not to fuck with you or your house. Most important, DON’T TAKE SHIT FROM SPIRITS!!!

The bell, for me it is a focus for my energy. I see my energy go out as the sound goes out. In addition, I’ve spent many rites investing the bell I use with energy to help add to the effect. The sound strikes spirits on teh other side, and believe me, they don’t like it. Use the sound to drive them away, herding them from the house. If you want good spirits to remain, cleanse the whole place of everythign first, and then invite what you want back in.

The idea is herding — you want to cleanse the area before you can start putting up protection. Chase them out of the closets and corners. Kick them all out the front door.

Once you’ve gone through all the rooms and chased everything out, close the door. Now the only things that are left are things that want to help, good feelings, good energy, and family.

To protect, you should go to the energy center of the house, by now you have likely found it. From there you can effect the energy of the whole house. First you want to center yourself, and see yourself as the protector of the house.

Once you have centered I want you to travel through the house in your mind. What you will do is basically follow the energy in the house and see how energy moves through the place. This might help you find any remaining problem areas. These would be areas that you don’t feel right about. If you find such an area, physically go to it and hit it with everything you’ve got, and have the others do this as well.

You will need to clean the house out every now and then, like every three months. I like to do such things on the equinoxes and solstices to make them more powerful. Also, you can clean whenever you think it is needed. If spirits start knocking things around or if you start having strange feelings or nightmares in the house, then it’s time to do some cleaning.

I’ve also done it with windows open, and it works the same. Sometimes with the door I like to create a flow of energy that will continue after the rite.

As for homes that have additions, so far I haven’t had to deal with them but I do think that would be more difficult. Perhaps to solve that problem you should go into those areas and see if their is a separate center of energy located in the area, and do a separate rite there. Then do some kind of rite to bring it all together.