Gather is coming, and so begins a series of posts about how to best prepare for a weekend of energy work and camaraderie. We asked veteran attendees of Gather how to best pack for the event. Here is the advice they have to give.

  1. ” Pack snacks and food as if you have blood sugar issues even if you don’t normally have blood sugar issues. Dramatic changes in energy levels often exhibit the same biochemical response and can be handled in a similar fashion.” – Gryphon

  2. “Plot out what classes you are really interested in.” – Jessica  (There are a lot of great classes, and scoping them out ahead of time will help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed. You can find the list of classes on our schedule page.

  3. “Not only should you plot your classes you want to attend, but keep an eye out for extra goodies you want to pay for – so that can be worked into the weekends times.” – Kristan (We have artists plying their trade each year, and also a merch table for all manner of goodies. Elyria would like to remind you to bring cash for merch.)

  4. “Each hotel room has a microwave and fridge so bring snacks and your favorite beverage. Maybe even a travel cup for a continual caffeine feed.” – Jane

  5. “Hand sanitizer (for this and every con, to avoid the crud).” – Elyria

  6. “If you’re a tea or coffee fiend, bring an electric kettle so you can have caffeine without leaving your room.” – Elyria

  7. “A notebook to keep track of everything in – people’s names, topics, words to follow up on later, resources from classes…” – Elyria

  8. “In all my years of going, I have always slightly overpacked and don’t see that changing. It’s the only day of the year when some of us get to be ourselves – so packing concerns the outfits and outfits are your masks or lack there of- so that means a lot of thought and preparation involved. Which means some extra stuff. But at the same time, I have narrowed it down to the selections of items that are always the same… I can’t think of special items that we could imagine someone would need for sure. Comfortable shoes, something black ( in case they want to blend in) everything else is individual. “ -Rez

  9. You’ll need a photo ID at registration to pick up your badge. Be sure to bring one.” – The Registration Desk

These little tactics should help you get to Gather prepared and ready to go.  Our next post will tell you what to do once you arrive. Stay tuned!