Just as we did with our post on how best to pack for Gather, we asked veterans of the event what advice they have to get the most out of your Gather experience.

  1. “Don’t skip opening ritual.” -Camille

  2. “Ground thyself, every friggin chance you get. Don’t become overwhelmed so that you run, if you need help/feel weird, shout it out.” – Jennifer

  3. “Eat, shower, sleep. Don’t forget. Also, know your limits. It’s a lot of energy.” – Amber

  4. “Take care of yourself. If you’ve never been to an event like this, make sure you’re not running yourself ragged, getting friends and trying every ritual you can. Sometimes it’s just a bit much.” – Ges

  5. “Post-gather hangover is a real thing, be prepared to feel crappy, especially if you over do it! Also I agree, don’t miss opening ritual.” – Amber

  6. “Don’t skip opening ritual. No seriously, don’t.” – Dani

  7. “Looking up briefly what caste system a lot of H.K members use will help. While gather isn’t forcing beliefs on anyone, a lot of people who attend bring up terms in casual conversation without realizing it.” – Kristan

  8. “Don’t be scared. Shield yourself when necessary and if you can. Be open about things. When you feel overwhelmed take a breather. The patio track is the best. A great place to meet new friends. Keep yourself nourished and rest when you can. The people you meet will all be amazing and have many things to offer.” – Holly

  9. “Reiterating especially if you are new, attend opening ritual. Remember to try to follow your normal eating schedule. You may find that you aren’t hungry but trying to find food at 11pm isn’t always easy (even with close food options). Having a plan for the weekend is a good thing. It’s okay if you need to rest or take time away. The whole event can be overwhelming to attend.” – Rhys

  10. “Going to sound like a broken record, but yeah. Go to opening ritual.” – Jessica