As House Kheperu has grown as a group and as individuals over the past few years, our mission have grown and changed. We have been getting to know one another, and getting to understand ourselves better, and through this, we have come to better understand our path. One thing we have seen as we study all the various religious, spiritual, and metaphysical systems that are out there is this: everyone seems to be talking about the same thing, only each in his or her own language. The reason there is friction between Pagans and Christians, New Agers and Occultists is that each thinks the other is somehow wrong, and each tends to judge on his or her own assumptions, and all of this is based on the superficialities of language.

Basically, when you belong to a system, be it an organized religion or a more amorphous spiritual path, you learn a language specific to that tradition. You and everyone else in that tradition then communicate in terms of that language. The language is different for each system, and rarely is a person from one group conversant in the language of another. And yet, once you get past the specialized terminology and the jargon unique to each group, what lies beneath are basic, universal principles.

A Christian seeks a new job, so he lights a candle and says a prayer, asking God to change reality for him. A Pagan seeks a new job, so he lights a candle and performs a spell, wherein he harnesses the God-within to change reality for him. A New Ager might put a call out to the Universe in order to get the job, envisioning white light instead of the candle.

In each case, you have a person reaching toward an aspect of divinity and seeking to change reality. Christians see God as something outside of them. Depending on the Pagan, God can be both within or without. New Agers can recognize the divinity within and, like Pagans, they might harness their internal godhood to create change, or, like Christians, they might ask the favor of the Godhood outside of themselves.

Yet all are doing the exact same thing. Only in language is it really different. For one, it is a prayer, for another it is a spell. It can be called a working, a coincidence, synchronicity, magnetizing, and any number of other specialized names. The basic principle behind the working similarly has multiple names. For one, it’s religion, for another, it’s magick, for another spirituality, and for still others, its metaphysics.

These different terms describe in essence the same thing, and yet a Christian may cry out against magick, and a Pagan may just as easily look down upon metaphysics. Each is judging on the superficial appearance of a word and not looking deeper to its real meaning. That’s about as foolish as judging a person by the color of their skin and failing to recognize that, underneath the skin, everyone is human.

We Kheprians are a part of yet apart from all these different groups. As a result, our perspective is very different. We have to be conversant in all these different languages, and because of this, we see the meaning behind the words. Often, we can translate that meaning into a language that people from many different groups can understand, serving as a bridge between the many traditions we straddle.

As we have explored ourselves and our unusual perspective, we have begun to learn that this unique position is one of the reasons we are here. It’s why this website is so far-reaching, and also why parts are written to appeal to a variety of groups, mixing jargon from Pagans, New Agers, psions, Christian mystics and so forth.

What we are seeking is to develop a spiritual mothertongue — a language that expresses, clearly and concisely, the basic principles beneath all religious, spiritual, and magickal systems. Through this, we hope to promote tolerance and understanding among the many different expressions of spirituality that can be found on this planet.

Once positive communication has been achieved, we feel that all the different groups and traditions can come together to develop a more complete understanding of the universe and our collective place in it. For we feel each system expresses the truth, but only in part. And only by getting all of the pieces to the jigsaw together will we begin to see the entire picture.