House Kheperu


Guidelines for Willing and Unwilling Partners

Written by: Michelle Belanger

In all direct contact feeding techniques explained on this site, it is presumed that you have a willing partner who understand what they are providing for you and the possible repercussions this may have upon them. Feeding from a willing, knowledgeable partner is the most desirable type of exchange and we strongly discourage feeding from those who are unwilling or unaware.

However, we do recognize that sometimes it is simply impossible to find a partner who is both able to understand what you need and is willing to provide that for you. When such situations arise, we do not expect you to starve. We strongly suggest the use of non-invasive long-distance techniques when a willing and knowledgeable partner is not to be had.

Techniques which skim the surface energy of others or which draw upon the ambient energy in a crowded room are the best in this case. However, we also know from personal experience that such techniques cannot always sustain you for long, and that they are rarely satisfying.

If you *must* feed from a person you has not given you permission to do so, please make certain that you take only as much as they can spare, and that you do so gently, carefully, and with great respect. Repay them with your kindness, support, and protection -- even if they don't understand why you're doing such things for them. Those you take from are the source of your life. They never deserve to be abused.