House Kheperu


Give and Take


Written by: Michelle Belanger

For this exercise you'll need a partner. It should be somebody you don't have a problem sharing energy with. Your partner should also be comfortable sharing energy with you. You and your partner should sit in a comfortable position facing each other. Remove any jewelry from your hands and wrists -- bracelets, watches, rings.

Take a moment to center yourselves. Hold your own hands together for a few moments, focusing energy into them. You may want to rub them together to get the circulation flowing and flex your fingers to get any stiffness out.

Now hold your hands out to your partner. Hold your right hand palm down and your left hand palm up. Have your partner do the same, arranging things so your hands are over one another, just a few inches apart. You right hand should be underneath his left and your left hand should be above his right.

First just try to feel the energy between your hands. You may have to experiment with positioning, moving your hands closer or farther apart, depending on how strong the energy is.

Now focus on starting a conscious energy exchange. Give with your right hand to your partner's left hand, and take from your partner's right hand with your left.

How does this feel? While you are experimenting with the energy exchange, feedback with your partner. Can either of you really feel the pull of the other? Can either of you really feel the other pushing out energy? Does one of you seem to have a stronger draw for pulling energy than the other? Does one of you seem to be more skilled in giving the energy?

How does this compare to your sense of your own skills? Do you feel that you are more of a giver than a receiver where energy is concerned? Does your strength in either giving or taking seem to back this up? Have your partner tell you what it feels like to have the energy taken, and try describing your sensation to him. You may want to take a few moments to allow one of you to just take so you can better analyze this sensation. After a few moments, switch so the other person is taking for a while as well.

After you have experimented for a while giving with your right and taking with your left, switch hands. Take with your right now and give with your left. You may also want to switch the way you're holding your hands when you do this, as it's easier for the energy to flow down than up.

Did you notice a change in how strong or how weak the energy pull was depending on the positioning of your hands? When you were just taking, how easy was it to maintain that kind of draw with one hand in a taking position but the other in a giving position? Did you find you had to switch your hands so both were taking or move the other hands apart so you wouldn't complete the circuit by giving as well?

In most systems, the right hand is known as the "giving hand". This is supposedly the hand you use to give out energy. In the same systems, the left hand is the taking hand.

Does this system seem to hold true for you? If you are left-handed, does it alter which hand you seem to be good at taking energy with? Experiment taking energy with both your left and your right hands. Which seems to be dominant for this purpose? If one hands seems stronger at taking energy, is the other hand better at giving it or are they both about the same?

Compare your observations with your partner. Ask him which of your hands seems stronger when taking and which seems stronger when giving. Feedback to him as well. When you are satisfied with the exercise, thank your partner for his participation. Move a little apart from one another and hold your hands together for a little while, concentrating on just your energy. If you feel a little strange from all the energy exchange, take a moment to ground, touching your hands to the floor and letting the excess energy flow out into the earth.