House Kheperu


Levels of Feeding

Written by: Michelle Belanger

There are three basic levels of feeding. These are determined by how connected you are to the other person's energy. Basically, they describe how deep you are going. There is an ambient feed, a surface feed, and a deep feed. Keep in mind that this is enormously simplified and that there are many gradations of each of these three -- especially surface and deep feeding. But here are the basics, as well as I can explain them. An ambient feed takes just the ambient energy in an area that has already been released by the people there. It's generic, non-specific to any individual's energy signature, and totally free-floating -- not connecting to any person in particular.

A surface feed is when you reach out to a specific person and just grab a little energy off the surface -- like skimming cream off of milk. You are touching their specific energy, but it's the outside bits that are radiating off of that person anyway.

You can surface feed from a distance or you can do it by casually brushing up against someone. A little more personal surface feed can involve a back rub or other mostly casual physical contact.

If a surface feed skims off the top of a person's energy field, a deep feed goes straight to the heart of the matter. If you visualize the energy body as having chakras, a deep feed may target a specific chakra. Or you may visualize yourself piercing someone with your energy and drawing directly off their core.

The main points here is while a surface feed is focused on the outside of a person's energy, a deep feed actually pierces this surface, pressing deeper inside the person's energy. There are varying levels of how deep you can go, but these are pretty hard to verbalize -- basically, the degrees of penetration break down to: just inside, about midway inside, and then so deep that along with energy you're pulling up thoughts, emotions, and bits of memories.

Of all the types discussed above, a deep feed is the most fulfilling, but it is also the most potentially damaging to the person you're feeding from. Partly, this is because a deep feed takes the most energy fastest. It's pretty easy to drop someone if you're doing a very severe deep feed.

However, I have found that the more significant danger lies in connecting with that person's energy on such a profound level. You are touching them somewhere no one else has probably touched. You will evoke feelings out of them, and since you have penetrated their energy body, you will come away with a little of them in you, and you will leave a little of you in them.

Some people can affect a deep feed simply through a casual touch. Some people need to get a little more intimate. I can accomplish something this deep with just my hands, but it took a long time to make that my main focus. It was much easier when I was young to just use my mouth. With either hands or mouth, the main focal points are often in those areas associated with the chakras -- and I see these areas as concentrated centers of energy and nerves and energy channels where physical and spiritual bodies merge -- the throat, over the heart, the solar plexus, the root (or genital area).

As I'm writing this, a good analogy comes to mind. Think of feeding in terms of sex (because let's face it -- even if it's not necessarily erotic, it is certain an intimate procedure, and it has the same potential for messing with our and our partners' heads!) with all the responsibilities and considerations that go along with it.

Surface feeding is like holding hands. It's a pretty casual thing and it's not too terribly significant.
Pressing past that surface, but not too far, is like kissing. A little more intimate, and if you're not careful, there are some negative repercussions -- you can catch or pass mono or cold sores or maybe a sore throat.

A middling deep feed -- second or third base.

A really deep feed -- well, you've achieved penetration, with all the good and bad things that go along with that, all the potential responsibilities, and so on.

Along these lines, I would never initiate a deep feed on someone who did not fully understand what they were getting themselves into, just as I would never force sex on someone. Kissing and holding hands -- sometimes those are different, and the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the activity depends entirely on the people involved and the situation.

The real key to feeding responsibly is to understand that it is not a game and that what you are doing has potentially serious long-term repercussions for both you and your partner. As you should in all aspects of your life, just think before you jump into things. That way hopefully you'll stop yourself before you do something you'll later regret.