House Kheperu


Energy, Vitality, and Spirit

Written by: Michelle Belanger

Processing Energy
Energy is all around us -- but when we take it into ourselves, we change it so that the energy inside of us is no longer quite the same as the energy moving outside of us. It's a pretty basic concept, really. When we eat food, it becomes fuel for our bodies, but it's not like we've got little chunks of broccoli floating around in our veins. Instead, there's a vital process that occurs from the very moment that we put the food into our mouths -- the very act of eating it, chewing it up and swallowing, starts to change the state of that food into something our bodies can use as fuel.

It's the same with energy. There is vital chi all around us -- solar chi, earth chi, energy from plants and animals and so on. All of this is radiating around us, moving in eddies and floes that wash over us or move past us as we move. When we take this energy into ourselves, it does not remain the same sort of energy that it was when it was outside of our bodies. If we walk in a forest and take in some of the energy of the trees, it's not like that tree-energy is what's moving around in our chakras. We've changed it to be a part of us.

Digesting Energy
The very act of taking the energy in starts the process of changing it. We've got to turn it into human energy for our systems to use it. Our digestive system breaks up the physical food and reduces it into fuel our bodies can use. For energy, our subtle bodies have a similar system which takes the energy in, breaks it up, and transforms it into something we can make use of. Just as in physical digestion, there are by-products that need to be eliminated, so too in the "digestion" of energy we produce by-products and release these again into the environment around us.

It is only after this "digestive" process is complete that energy turns into vitality. By taking it into ourselves and transforming it, we have made it an integral part of us. It resonates with our essence now, just as the food our digestive systems process becomes an integral part of our bodies, connected on a cellular level.

Incompatible Energy
Now, there are people with problems with their stomachs who cannot digest certain types of food. There are other people with severe allergies for whom certain types of food are like poison. It is the same with energy. Some people can process certain types of energy better than others. Some people cannot process some types of energy at all. That's why one person feels totally energized after a thunderstorm while another just feels miserable, or why one person prefers to meditate in the bath tub, surrounded by water, and another prefers to go out in the forest and squish his toes in the mud. Different types of energy resonate better with different people.

Some people can even be hurt by certain types of energy. Very few people can comfortably process electro-magnetic impulses into something vital they can use (although I've seen a few!). Radiation, which is just a form of energy, is deadly to most living things. Some people are physically allergic to sunlight, and it's certainly possible to be "allergic" to the energy of the sun so that being exposed to that energy for long periods of time will leave you exhausted and ill.

Other Problems
Now what if someone has no stomach at all or if a significant portion of their small intestines has been removed? This radically affects how they eat, doesn't it? Such individuals may have to have a very specialized diet, or they may have to even have their food fed to them intravenously, already processed into a state where their bodies can use it without digestion.

There are people whose subtle bodies cannot process the energy of their environment at all, or if they can, they can do it in such limited amounts that it's practically worthless. In other cases, their subtle bodies go through such a vast quantity of energy or require such a high quality of it that they cannot process the energy quickly enough for it to be of any value to them. So what do these people do? There aren't any spiritual IVs.

That's where the process known as vampirism comes in. Now, vampirism is a dirty word to most people. It immediately conjures images of pale-skinned fellows in long capes who nightly drink the blood of virgins. All vampires are evil -- we know this because they cast no reflection and thus have no souls, right? Well, truth be told, vampirism is just a word. All the images that go along with it, they're just that -- images we've attached to the word from fiction, folklore, and the cinema.

Certainly, we got the word "vampire" from folklore, but as it's been integrated into our language and our very culture, it's come to mean more than just re-animated corpses. We can describe a building as "cyclopean." That doesn't mean we believe that the legendary Cyclops of Greece built the structure -- just that it's big and imposing enough to make us liken it to something a Cyclops might build. We use the words "vampire" and "vampirism" in much the same way -- something we describe as vampiric reminds us a little of the old Romanian tales of blood-sucking creatures of the night, but it doesn't mean that we believe that vampiric thing to be legitimately undead.

Vampires and Vampirism
So what is vampirism in this context? On its most basic level, vampirism is the process of feeding upon life. Now, since we're talking energy and energy bodies here already, obviously we're not talking physical life, such as flesh and blood. So energy vampirism, it follows, is the process of feeding upon life energy.

Basically, a vampire in this sense is someone who needs to take in the vitality of others. The key word here is *need* since it's not a hard thing to take energy from other people. It functions just like any other type of energy, and we've already seen that it's a perfectly natural process for each and every one of us to take in energy from things around us.

A person is defined as a vampire if and only if they cannot process any other type of energy except the vital energy of other people. As discussed above, such individuals may have an inability to process any other type of energy or they may simply require so much energy of such a high quality that nothing but the pre-processed stuff will really work in their systems.

Possible Causes
People who don't have a very strong connection to this place often tend toward vampirism. This is mainly because the energy here just isn't very compatible with their energy. They may be used to energy of a much higher quality as well, and again, this can result in vampirism. Many people who souls originated in some other realm find themselves severely limited in the types of energy they can process, and this is one big reason why the Otherkin and vampire communities overlap so thoroughly.