House Kheperu


Feeding and Sex


Written by: Michelle Belanger

I have found time and again that I cannot and should not mix feeding with sex. Now, this requires a bit of a disclaimer. Yes, I can and have engaged in sexual intercourse with a partner who was also my donor. I've had one long-term non-vampire partner and one long-term vampire partner. I've fed from both and I've had sex with both.

I can feed chastely from a partner, just taking the energy through my hands. But I prefer a more intimate contact, usually my mouth over a major energy center -- neck, heart, solar plexus, etc.,

The most sustaining and fulfilling feeding for me involves the sexual release of my partner. However, if I am engaged in this for the purpose of feeding, my own sexual interests fade to mere background noise. I will get aroused, but my climax comes not in a physical manner but as I feed upon them in *their* climax. In a feeding exchange where sex is involved, that is all I need.

Obviously, when my partner is male, then, I tend to avoid penetrative intercourse, as it distracts me from what I'm doing. I don't like the distraction of my body -- I'm doing deeper things, and I want all my focus to be on my lover, on their pleasure.

This has always been a hard thing for me to explain to people, especially to a lover who wants very much to reciprocate what I'm doing. But when I feed, I am the one doing the love-making. I am not being done to. Somehow it just doesn't work -- I can't let go, and any attempt on my lover's part to interest me in more carnal pleasures tends to just annoy.

Now on the other hand, when being fed from, I have no problem letting go. Maybe it has something to do with a dominance / submission thing, but I really don't think so. Anyone who knows me can tell I'm not much of a switch.

I think it's more the nature of feeding, the reciprocity of it -- I take energy from my partner and in turn I give them pleasure. I am encouraged to make that pleasure as intense as possible because that intensity transfers to the energy, generates more of it, and ultimately makes the whole exchange more enjoyable for all involved.