House Kheperu


Processing Energy

Written by: Michelle Belanger

The final step to any feeding exchange -- and a step I have to say is often overlooked, much to the detriment of the takers -- is the processing of the energy that has just been taken. It's best to think of this as a digestion process, for that's the closest physical function it can be compared to, and, like the digestion of food, unless it is accomplished properly, not much nutritive value will be derived from what the body just took in. The processing of the energy occurs after the feeding has occurred and the connection between the giver and the taker has been severed. The taker should sit or lay down and rest for a little while, at the same time, focusing his attention within and processing the energy he has just taken into his system.

For my part, there is a general sense of cycling this energy, and during this process, the energy of the giver is changed so that it matches my own energy. This process can take ten minutes or half an hour. Sometimes it takes even longer, especially if the giver is unfamiliar and their energy is new to my system.

To aid this process, aside from lying back and resting for a bit, I also continue with regular and deep breathing such as I would apply to any meditative situation. I further focus on a visualization where I see the energy within me circulating through a lemniscate -- the symbol of eternity which is shaped like a Mobius strip or figure eight. This might only work for me because of my occult background -- the symbol has meaning for me, and that's why it works. But since I've encountered similar visualizations for processing energy in Eastern texts which presumably have no corollary to the lemniscate (it being a Western occult symbol) I suspect the symbol exists mainly because it was inspired by the internal workings of our energy bodies.

Be that as it may, the best visualization involves cycling the energy, either in a figure-eight or in a circle so that it goes round and round, growing more intense and becoming more pure with each cycle. Once it feels as if it's been processed as well as it can be, I then release it from the cycle so that it flows all through me. Here I visualize my energy body, with its main centers, the chakras, and the central axis which connects them, the secondary axes on either side of the main channel, plus all the myriad little energy channels that travel from the center through my limbs. Again, the nature of visualization being what it is, this may not work at all for you -- the symbolism has validity for me, though, and so for me it works.

You may have to experiment to see what works best for you, and what methods of focus and visualization you can use to aid you in this process. The important thing to remember is that after feeding, there is an extra step you should take care to complete, or else you'll end up using just the energy that you needed right then, and any extra will go to waste. The unused portion will not automatically store itself, but instead will generally disperse from you, radiating off into the ether until it reaches a state that you will not be able to take back in at all.