House Kheperu


Permission vs Exposure

Written by: Michelle Belanger

It is of course impractical to directly ask permission from everyone you may feed from. Most people wouldn't be able to get past the explaining stage. Example: "Pardon me, but you see, I'm an energy vampire, and I'd like some of what you've got -- it's just your vital energy, nothing you'll miss really -- hey, why are you running away?!?"

Very rarely, you will meet someone who is both awake enough to understand your needs and accepting enough to provide for those needs. But donors are very hard to come by. More often, we are relegated to feeding upon ambient energy, but the fact is, that's just not always enough. My rule of thumb is this: if it seems like explaining your needs and asking permission will cause the person more distress than the possible headache or lethargic feeling he'll get once you've fed from him, then don't bother to explain.

In some respects, I almost see explaining your nature to someone who can't handle it more of an attack than feeding from him might be. You're imposing a world view on him that he isn't prepared for -- something that raises issues and fears that might leave a lasting impact on his psyche. Looking at it that way, what's a covert nibble here or there?

Now, it does get a little more complex with people who I'd label "Awakened." People who are psychic or sensitive to energy, people who practice magick or something similar all tend to not only understand the basics behind what we are, they are additionally aware enough to feel it when we do feed off of them.

I don't recommend feeding off of people like this without their permission for several reasons. One, they tend to view it as an attack, and it frightens them. Two, it can easily lead them to prejudge our entire community based on one bad experience. Three, while they might be able to feel the effects of being fed from, they may have a poor understanding of how this can really affect them physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and not understanding the nature of something you can palpably feel can be very frightening.

Again, this can lead to bad press for our community, it can create people who, from one experience, decide that we're all spiritual rapists who steal energy from people without asking them, and it can leave a lasting impression or link between that person and you that could create problems in the future especially because that person has no idea that link exists.