House Kheperu


Feeding Techniques and Contact Points

Written by: Michelle Belanger

The preferred and most effective method of feeding is direct personal contact. This of course presumes that you have someone who is willing to play the part of donor for you, and who has no issue with you coming into close physical contact with them. Not all of us are so lucky as to have an individual who is both aware of what we are and willing to serve in the capacity for us. In such cases, one must make do with long-distance feeding, surface feeding, and ambient feeds. For now, let me explain in detail how one can best approach the matter of contact feeding.

The best contact for feeding is made with your hands or with your mouth. as anyone who is familiar with techniques like Reiki or Healing Touch, the hands are a major center for energy work, and they can both give as well as take energy from others. The mouth most of us stumble upon as a focal point long before we are even conscious of what we are doing. there are two reasons the mouth is so effective for feeding. First, of course, the energy rides upon the breath. A good deal of breathing and breath control comes into play when feeding, even when the main medium of contact is the hands.

Secondly, of course, is the symbolism of the mouth. Not only is this where we take in life-sustaining breath, but it is also the part of our body that takes in more physical sustenance, such as food and drink. I could segue into the whole psychology of orality, but the basic thing to know is that on a deep psychological and physiological level, we associate the mouth with taking things in. Thus it serves as a perfect focus for the in-take of energy.

Now, knowing that you can take energy in with either your mouth or your hands will not help much if you don't know the best places on the other person's body with which to initiate an effective point of contact. A point of contact is a physical position where it is relatively easy to bridge the gap between the physical and subtle bodies of a person. The most obvious points of contact occur upon the chakras. These are the most significant and hardest to miss junctures between physical and subtle bodies. However, other points of contact exist along the various energy channels running along the arms and legs, various points along the torso, and of course the neck.

A number of Eastern texts can be consulted for more information about energy channels, also called meridians in Taoist literature. These can give you an idea of where to look for good points of contact, but since everyone's body is slightly different -- not only in subtle physiology but in basic physical size and shape -- the placement of the meridians and other energy channels will vary from person to person. And so any work you might consult can only serve as a guideline, and the best method of locating these points is simply with hands-on experience where you feel along the general areas on a person's body where such points should be and let your own subtle senses guide you to the proper point.