House Kheperu


Gifts of the Sky Father

Written by: Michelle Belanger

This version of the vampire origin story was kindly shared by Belfazaar of House of Mystic Echoes. It attempts to address the issue not only of vampiric individuals, but also those individuals who feel a spiritual tie to animals and the fae. The tale appears in Zaar's own words. Here is something that I was taught by my Great Grandfather and I believe it to be true...

When the great split between the vampiric peoples and the mundane peoples came into being, the vampiric peoples went into hiding, lurking in the shadows and trying to blend in with the mundane peoples around the globe. The Great Mother's edict of protect, guide and heal ever in our hearts. With all the gifts of our kind we blended in... All too well... It caused our people to split. The gifts of the Great Mother and the Sky Father split asunder. Waiting throughout the genetic pool until certain conditions were met.

After generations of limited access and only an awakening here and there creating interest, hope and healing, the awakenings came more readily bringing to the forefront of mundane man's life myths and fantasies that soon became twisted versions of themselves and once again, vampiric entities were forced into hiding once again. The new religion chose to hunt down any who were different. Persecuting any and all they felt were against their God. Those that were fully awakened tried to not only hide, but some brave souls sought to mislead and misdirect the hunters of the time. Once again myth was twisted, making us more than what we are, embellishing the myths just enough to make them seem improbable but to give those that awaken later in life a clue to help them out.

The three parts are coming together once again in our time, but they are coming together with a slight split. Instead of the combination of the gifts of the Sky Father and Great Mother (magick), the bestial nature, and humanity. They are coming in partial combinations creating different beings which have been identified as were/skinwalkers, fae/wee ones/spirits of mischief, and vampires.

The combinations of the gifts are as such...

Magick and Humanity created the Fae... Those sparkling souls that counter the vampires lack of energies with their sheer presence and unseelie grace. The magick in their souls shines through upon their own awakening.

Bestial Nature and Humanity created the were/skinwalkers. Their natures were such that the beast shown through, many of them becoming the protectors that they were born to be, others falling by the wayside due to lack of training, understanding or both. Brothers and Sisters gifted with forsight and magick forgot to keep an eye out for them and care for them through the time of their awakenings.

Magick, Bestial Nature and Humanity created the original form of vampirism. Set Guardians of the mundane world, the First Ones who traveled the world keep mundane man safe during the long dark of night. Gifted with the three parts needed to hold back the terrors of the night that fed on man's fears and mundane man as well. The Bestial Nature of the vampires broke them into Tribes made up of inidvidual bestial natures, such as wolf, bear, panther and lion. The Tribes had different abilities allowing them to move throughout mundane man's world with increasing ease.

Now that there are three seperate entities gifted of the Sky Father and Great Mother, the protection should be greater, but the seperation that has happened between mundane man and the vampiric kins has also driven a wedge between the kindred bretheren of the world. The wedge has been there for years driven by fear of discovery, fear of mundane man's retribution and fear of self. For the works to be completed, the wedge must be conquered.