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The Otherworldly Origins of Vampires

Written by: Michelle Belanger

Vampires as extra-terrestrials? Maybe in the movie Life-Force, but could such an origin be for real? Although they are few and far between, there are at least a few groups of vampires in the subculture who believe that they have an alien origin. Through my researchers from the early nineties onward, I encountered several groups that believed in a kind of extra-terrestrial origin for vampires. The first of these groups I ever encountered was run by a woman calling herself Lady Amoura.

Based out of Pennsylvania, Lady Amoura’s Order of Xanastasia attributed their vampiric origins to extra-terrestrial ancestors who were driven from their home and took up residence here. The members did not believe themselves to be aliens directly; rather, they believed that they held both a spiritual and a genetic inheritance from these extra-terrestrial progenitors. The group was by and large a secretive one, but a friend of mine attended one of their gatherings in the early nineties and reported that the group shared blood in a chalice as one of their private rituals.

Back in the early nineties, the notion that a group of people could be physically human but imbued with souls of a different origin seemed far-fetched indeed. However, as the year 2000 approached, more and more people began to espouse the notion of Otherkin: people who, although human in the strictest sense of the word, are somehow “Other” because of the inheritance of their soul.

These days, there are many groups dedicated to the Otherkin, and many different forms that Otherkin are believed to take. Some of these groups insist that there is a genetic, and therefore inherited component to their “Other” heritage, while many others are not so strict. Even those groups that believe in an actual genetic inheritance still believe that the soul residing within the mostly human body is not human at all and has carried with it traits, memories, and abilities that manifest both physically and spiritually in a very non-human way.

I never got the full story of the beliefs of the Order of Xanastasia from Lady Amoura, even though she was a regular contributor of poetry to my magazine, Shadowdance. The following story comes from a very different group of vampires whose first point of origin seems to have been Kansas City. The individual who recounted the group’s beliefs to me had relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Most of the material came from emails, although we did manage a face-to-face interview near the end of our correspondence. Like the Order of Xanastasia, this group of vampires believed their origins to be “other” – that is to say, extra-terrestrial.

It was never really clear from my contact whether the group believed that their progenitors, referred to as “Originals,” physically traveled to this world by some advanced method or traveled here spiritually and were born into the populace.

Although the method of transportation was never clearly defined, it would seem that at least the Originals arrived bodily on this world, for many of the subsequent beliefs are based upon the notion that these then intermarried with the native human population. Despite the genetic connection to the Originals, the groups believed also that members were spiritually reborn and somehow connected with the first home of the Originals, aptly demonstrating the slippery relationship between genetic inheritance and spiritual lineage that is at work among many Otherkin traditions.

I was told by my contact that this group did not have a specific name, although the group apparently had a very well-developed structure, with established roles, such as that of Records-Keeper, which this individual was. Despite the strong corollaries in their belief systems, my contact had never heard of the Order of Xanastasia.

It was many, many cycles ago that the Originals came to this place. They came from far away. They had traveled the stars, for their own home was long gone. It had been destroyed in fire, and those that had survived became wanderers, ranging far and wide.

There were three Originals: one male, one female, and one who was both. These came here and moved among humanity. The Originals took consorts from among the people, choosing the best and most fair for themselves. This they could do, for the Originals were looked upon as gods. This suited their purpose, and certainly they were god-like to the people here. They had the power to traverse the stars with their will alone, and along with that, they had many other powers. They were beings of great beauty and grace, and this alone would have been enough to have the mortal population revere them.

The Originals had survived a very long time, and the passing of the cycles had taken a toll on their sanity. One of the Originals, who we do not name, went mad, and this was the first strife among the new society they were creating.

For the Originals, in taking consorts among the human population, made more who were like them. They could transform the humans with a ritual, elevating them almost to the level of a god. And the children of the Originals naturally shared in their more-than-human heritage, exhibiting the powers of the Originals, although never as strongly as their sires.

It was within this growing new society that the madness of the one took its toll. There was much strife and bloodshed and jealousy. When one of our kind goes mad, it is a terrible thing, for the powers of the mind do not wane. In some cases, the insanity makes them stronger, and it certainly makes them more vicious.

Eventually this maddened one had to be combated. After a long and bloody struggle, this one was pushed beyond incarnation. This maddened one exists still, in the realm beyond the body, always raving and seeking a way to strike out at the descendents.

Many of our people have gone mad and sane over the many cycles. The Originals were very, very old, and their world had long since turned to ash. Traversing time as an undying spirit takes a toll upon the sanity, and even those who are here, and seemingly sane, traipse the edge of madness.

Over the cycles, the three Originals each passed on to live beyond the body. The others, not trapped like the first, consciously chose to move beyond. This world is a world of tears, and it is difficult to interact with. Additionally, things started to change here. It became more and more difficult for the Originals to work their powers. The power of their descendents became lessened as the years wore on. This world grew further and further away from the realm of the spirit, and a barrier grew up that interfered with free passage between the two sides.

Throughout history, descendents of the Originals often found one another, and they established small communities to share and celebrate their ways. Marriages were celebrated with blood, and the initiation of a new fledgling were heralded with great feasts of wine and blood. Outsiders often rose up and destroyed these communities. This is why we are so secretive, and this is why the Records must be kept – so we do not forget who we are and what we have been.

My thanks to Skadi forsharing this tale.