House Kheperu


In Defense of Psi-Vamps

Written by: Michelle Belanger

It is a common belief among Pagans -- and Wiccans in particular -- that psychic vampirism is an aberration or an outright crime. It is understood to be something done willfully by the psi-vamp, and it is seen as something typically done for power, self-indulgence, or maliciousness. While there are certainly individuals who engage in learned vampirism for pleasure or sport, the existence of such persons in no ways invalidates the reality of those who have an actual and legitimate energetic need.

Those Pagans and / or Wiccans who are willing to accept the notion that some people may naturally require the taking of energy will typically draw the line at human vital energy (often better known as chi) with the reasoning that there are all kinds of energy people can tap into, so a psi-vamp should be able to go out and basically eat a tree.

So what is a psychic vampire if not someone who is addicted to the taking of energy or who takes it simply because they can?

Some people do not naturally produce enough vital energy to sustain optimal physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Such individuals must actively take energy from the environment around them to supplement their personal vital energy.

If such a person is able to consistently draw upon the energy of nature, the earth, celestial energy, elemental energy or some other outside source that *does not include* other people, then he or she is what I'd label a partial psi-vamp. Such a person can sustain their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being without taking the vital life force from other people, but he or she still has a distinct energetic need.

Now, a full-blown psi-vamp is an individual who has this energetic need but is additionally *limited* almost exclusively to sustaining themselves through the vital energy of other people. This can be taken through sexual interactions, it can be taken ambiently from crowds, it can be taken in the form of emotional energy, and some will take it through the medium of blood.

The defining factor of a full-blown psi-vamp is that the vampire cannot adequately sustain his or her basic physical, mental, and spiritual well-being by taking any outside energy *except for* human vital energy. This person will need to actively take such energy on a semi-regular basis (once a week to once a month on average, depending on activity, metabolism, severity of need, etc.,) or else suffer a loss of overall health as a result.

To be cut off from such energy will cause general lethargy, depression of the immune system, and a host of other ills.

Now, in defense of the Pagans who have formulated such a negative opinion of us, it is certainly true that unconscious psychic vampires who have no idea what they are doing can be exceptionally destructive to those around them. Typically, a lot of unawakened psi-vamps will unconsciously create emotionally charged and melodramatic situations expressly to feed off of the energy which results. They are attention-getters, drama queens and oh poor me's.

The untrained and unawakened tend to be in the vast majority, so it's from experiences with these that most metaphysicians have formulated their opinions of psychic vampires as a whole. And having had to deal with some stubbornly unawakened psi-vamps, I can understand to a point where they're coming from. Such people are indeed a royal pain in the butt.

However, the fact that such poor souls exist is no good reason to reject the entire community as a whole, nor is it reason to judge all of us by someone's bad behavior. Psi-vampirism is a very real phenomenon, and it is often as difficult for the awakening psi-vamp to realize that he or she has an actual and legitimate need for human energy which is tied in directly to his or her health as it is for a Pagan, Wiccan, or New Ager to accept that for some people, only a very limited spectrum of energy can sustain them at all.

Those who object to the very existence of psychic vampires should not attempt to obscure the subject or suppress what little information is available to those awakening to what they are. Instruction and awareness are the two best tools to combat those pesky psi-vamps that run around creating headaches for everyone.

Taking energy from an unwilling target is indeed unethical. But someone who is unaware of what they are doing and how to control it cannot adequately make an ethical decision about how and when they feed. Learning to consciously take energy is the only thing that will enable a true psi-vamp to make ethical decisions about their feeding habits. Once they have achieved awareness and self-control, then they can harness what they are more positively, seeking out willing and able donors instead of randomly taking energy from anyone who crosses into their space.

Although I've seen it happen far too many times, and even by well-meaning friends and mentors, telling a psychic vampire that their need is not real, is all in their heads or is some manner of learned addiction only prevents them from achieving the understanding that they need to develop a healthy approach to who and what they are.