House Kheperu


Am I a Vampire?

Written by: Michelle Belanger

Time and time again, the members of House Kheperu receive emails and letters asking, Am I a vampire? How can I tell?. This short tip is Michelle's suggestion for arriving at an answer to this frequently asked question.

First of all, let me say that I'm not a big fan of people telling other people what they are, no matter what kind of expert anyone claims to be. When it comes down to the issue of defining oneself and what one resonates with, that is a decision that only the person in question can make.

That being said, when I get this question from other people, I usually offer the following test:

Spend some time paying close attention to how you interact with energy and especially the energy of other people. When talking with someone, note to yourself if/how you're connecting energetically with them and if you pull some of their energy into yourself. When intimately involved with someone, note how/if you connect to their energy and if you pull some of it into yourself. When in a crowd, note to yourself if/how you're interacting with the energy of the crowd and if you are pulling any of that energy into yourself. Once you have a sense of how you connect with that energy and pull it into yourself, take a week where you make a conscious effort to *not* pull that energy into yourself when you're interacting with people. If this feels deeply unnatural/uncomfortable to you, and if it starts to affect your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual well-being, then it's very likely that you are what many people define as a psychic vampire.

What you do about it after this point of realization will depend upon you. I recommend research to build a foundation of understanding. Raven Kaldera's book, "The Ethical Psychic Vampire" is a good resource. Obviously, I feel my own book, "The Psychic Vampire Codex," is a good resource, too, or else I wouldn't have bothered to write it! Some readings into Reiki, Yoga, or Qi Gong can also be helpful -- these Eastern techniques approach the concept of vital energy as a very real part of who we are and how we interact with the world around us. They teach principles that can be applied widely to the methods by which psychic vampires feed.

Soul-searching is the next step. Learn who you really are. What are your beliefs? Your morals or your honorable code? How do you feel about the impact of your actions upon others? What are you really capable of?

Come to understand your vampirism from both inside and out. Make peace with it. Don't fear or hate it, or else it is something that can easily control you. Balance your own well-being and needs against the well-being and needs of others. Seek answers from every source you deem reliable, and always weigh what you are told by teachers, books, or other authorities against your own personal experience.