House Kheperu


Soul Groups and Reincarnational "Families"

Written by: Michelle Belanger

A fundamental part of House Kheperu's belief system is founded on reincarnation and past lives. What's more, Kheprians believe that they have known one another in previous lives, and this prior connection is what helps define them as “Family.” But how much sense does it make to think that individual souls can go through lifetimes, meeting up with one another over and over again? This article explores the notion of soul-groups and reincarnational families.

Do we reincarnate among the same group of people over and over? How much sense does this make? Consider the social circles one encounters throughout a life. Some people go their whole lives without ever leaving their small town. They therefore are exposed to only a few people throughout that life. They see these same people again and again. Other people can have much larger circles of friends, especially if they travel, but they often have a few acquaintances that they run into over and over again.

The idea of past life connections is much like this. While is it absurd to think that you have reincarnated and married the same person seventeen lifetimes in a row, it is not that strange to assume that you have known a number of key people in your life right now in lives previous to this one.

The thing to keep in mind is that part of the purpose of reincarnation is to explore different roles and different facets of your being. This being said, it becomes clear why those individuals who firmly believe that they’ve been married to the same soul every lifetime for the past thousand years are probably allowing their romantic idealism color their memories: there’s not much learning going on in that kind of repetitive relationship, and if those two souls have actually gotten themselves into the self-same kind of relationship lifetime after lifetime, they’re slow learners and it’s really time for a change.

Nearly everyone has at least one person in their life that they met and felt as if they knew from that first moment of meeting them. Perhaps you passed the person in the street and something about them just drew you to them. After one conversation, it was hard not to think that you'd known one another since childhood.

Is it possible that you knew this person before, in another life? It's highly likely. It’s not always easy to tell when or in what situation – though if it’s really important that you remember it, chances are high that both of you will get those memories when the need arises.

And this leads into a very useful test for your own past life recall and especially your objectivity – if you and a friend both remember a life you led together, how similar are those memories? The best thing to do is for each of you, without consulting the other in their side of the “story”, write out the details you remember. Then compare you accounts. It’s natural that you will not have identical accounts, and this in no way means that your memories are false – (explain the function of memory on reporting a crime, with seven people giving seven different descriptions, often based not only on individual differences in powers of observation but also what each person is most likely to pay attention to). If you both are legitimately remembering the same thing, you will have two different accounts from two different perspectives which nevertheless agree on the main details.