House Kheperu


Road to the Past

Written by: Michelle Belanger

These exercises are the most requested when I appear before various groups. The following are some of my favorite exercises. Nearly everyone who has heard these performed has met with some success. The best way to perform the exercises is to print them out, then read them into a tape. Play this back while meditating and follow the visualization in your mind. Be sure you speak slowly and clearly into the tape recorder so the visualization will be clear when you play it back. You may also want some low music playing in the background to help cover up any extraneous noises that might otherwise distract you. When I perform the exercises for myself or for other people, I typically prefer lowering the lights and I also light some incense to heighten the more-than-ordinary mood.

This is a simple guided imagery that I used at the 2003 Spring Open House during the Past Lives Workshop. It mentally takes you back in time, allowing you to travel backwards through the days and seasons until you arrive at a point in your past.

You are now completely relaxed, with your focus turned inward with perfect calm and clarity. From this point of perfect focus, I want you to envision yourself standing on a road. It is a solitary country road, and there are trees and fields all around you. The road is even and straight, and it goes on in either direction for as far as you can see. There is no one here but you, though you think you see some houses in the distance.

The road goes east and west. You know this, for the sun has just risen over the horizon. The first rays of dawn illumine the grass and trees that stretch all around the road, and you can see that it is springtime. There are flowers everywhere, and many of the blossoms open in response to the rising sun.

You move forward in the direction of the eastern horizon, admiring the trees and flowers all around you. Everything seems utterly fresh and new, and there is a feeling of familiarity welling in your breast.

After you have gone a short distance, you realize that something unusual is at hand. The sun seems to be moving in reverse. Although you are certain it is dawn, the closer you get to the horizon, the further the sun dips down toward the rolling hills. Around you, the flowers close their blossoms, and everything moves backward in time.

Puzzled by this, you continue moving in your original direction. The sun slowly disappears and with spreading shadows, night returns. In the darkness, you watch as the leaves on the trees grow smaller, then eventually turn back into buds. The flowers close, then disappear entirely. Soon even the stalks of the plants slip back into the green earth.

You find yourself shivering as winter returns. Snow piles up on the once-green fields, clinging to the now-bare branches of the trees. It is fully dark now, and the stars seem to move in the wrong direction across the sky.

Curious, you continue to walk forward. Now there is a light at your back, and the sun has returned. As the land is bathed in colors of sunset, the snows fade away and autumn leaves return to the trees. The further you walk, the further back time slips around you, until fall gives way to summer, and once again it is spring.

You know you have moved backward, backward from one beginning to a previous one. As spring blossoms around you, there is that newness to the air once again. The road crests a swelling hill, and you find yourself looking down at a familiar place.

There are houses, and you know the streets. You have been here before. Like everything around you, you have moved backwards, back from this birth, to the life you led before. You look down at yourself, and you see who you were in this time period, in this place from the past. Time seems to right itself around you, and as you continue to walk along the road, it resumes its normal pace.
Knowing that you have returned to something that you once knew before, you walk down the hill to the town below. There are people here who know you, people you want to meet. As you approach the familiar houses, you hear someone calling your name. It is your name from this time period, from this previous life. They have something to show to you. They are excited. You follow the sound of their voice, eager to see everything there is to see.