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The Watcher Angels of Enoch

Written by: Michelle Belanger

This is a list of the Watcher Angels as they are presented in Enoch I. They are the fathers of the Nephilim, who also gave rise to the Rephaim, Anakim, and Gibborim -- the “giants” and “men of renown” mentioned briefly in the Bible.

Shemyaza: gathered the Watchers on Mt. Hermon and made them swear the pact to walk out of Heaven and join with the daughters of men. Attributed with teaching enchantments and root cuttings to humanity.

Azazel: some portions of the text attribute Azazel with inciting the rebellion. Certainly Azazel is listed as the one who is punished for it, and lengthy Jewish tradition describes him as being bound in a fiery place far off in the desert for his transgression. Azazel is attributed with teaching humanity metalsmithing, the use of cosmetics, and most importantly, the art of war.

Gadriel: briefly mentioned in Enoch 1 as having taught humanity “all the blows of death.”

Sariel: taught humanity the course of the moon; is acknowledged throughout Medieval ceremonial magick as the angel of the moon.

Shamsiel: taught the course of the sun; therefore considered the angel of the sun.

Kokobiel: taught the course of the stars

Araquiel: taught the signs of the earth

Ezequiel: taught knowledge of the clouds (this is usually thought to be either some form of divination *or* actual meteorology)

Kazdeya: taught the smitings of spirits, demons, and “the infant in the womb.” Freaked Andrew Collins out because he's essentially an angel of abortion.

Armaros: taught the resolving of enchantments; usually mentioned in conjunction with Shemyaza, who taught the casting of enchantments. Apparently Pharmaros is a variant spelling.

Baraquiel: taught astrology and divination; possible variant of Barakiel -- “lightning of god”

Penemue: the scribe of the Watchers who taught humanity writing; also taught “the bitter and the sweet” -- which is assumed to be the art of culinary spices.

Azbiel: Also Azibiel; mentioned as the counsel to the Watchers

Kasbiel: is mentioned late in Enoch 1 as one of the Watchers who knew the True Name. As such, he had the power to forge binding oaths.

Jeqon/Jekkon: an Watcher who is explicitly described as having sought out the daughters of men.

Chalkidri: not angels per se, but strange fiery animals, probably akin to phoenixes, that are described as waiting upon GOD.

Dudael: the desert prison os Azazel. Also spelled Duidain later in the text.

Other names of Watchers listed in Enoch 1:

Turiel: “rock of god” -- connected with Jupiter
Rumiel: Ramiel, Remiel -- angel of visions
Hananel: variant of Hananiel and Ananel -- “graciously given of God”
Narel: cited as angel of winter by Gustav Davidson

Sithriel: not a Watcher, but an alternate name of the Metatron as given in Enoch 3 -- the form of the Metatron when he hides the children of man under his wings to protect them from destruction.