House Kheperu


My Daily Meditation

Written by: Michelle Belanger

I've had many requests from people to see the rites and rituals we personally perform within House Kheperu. We don't always do group ritual; this is saved for special occassions or for when we open and close a major Gathering. When we do perform group ritual, the rite is frequently a very in the moment thing which, although a basic schematic may be written down beforehand, will frequently change once it actually is put into practice. There are always spontaneous elements to our group rituals, which generally makes them hard to adequately present in written form.

However, every member of the House has his or her own unique and personal set of rites and rituals. Typically, these are performed alone, as they have meaning for each member alone. In light of recent requests, I've decided to share one of the rites I perform. I want everyone who reads this to understand that this is a rite written by me and for me, and while it can serve as an example and a guideline for something you may do on your own, don't feel obligated to copy it exactly. The real power of any rite lies in its relevancy to you, and there is always a unique element that this requires which a sample ritual can never really hold.

Almost universally, we use candles during our meditations and in our rites. For myself, when I do my daily mediation, I start off in the darkened shrine, and I mark the beginning of the meditation with the lighting of the pillar candle in there.

The lighting of the flame, that first burst of light, is, for me, a symbol of beginning. As I hold the match to the wick, I reflect on where we have come from, how all of this started. And as the candle takes light, I recite the Im Kheperu prayer:

Kheper-i kheper kheperu, kheper-kuy, m kheper n khepri kheperu m sep tepy.

(I became, and the becoming became, I became by becoming the form of Khepra, god of transformations, who came into being in the First Time. Through me all transformations were enacted. This was accomplished through this, my Ba.)

After this, I continue with my daily meditation, reflecting on what I want to accomplish for the day. I state my concerns and my intentions out loud so I cannot later deny them. Speaking them out loud to myself is a kind of oath. I have said it, and in saying it, made it real.

Later, if I begin to waver in my intentions, all I have to do is think back to saying the intention to myself. If I do not fulfill what was spoken, I have made it a lie. And I hate being a liar. This of itself is enough motivation for me to always get done what I have set out to do each day -- even when the tasks I have set myself are a challenge to fulfill.

When I am finished with my goals for the day, there is a daily affirmation that I conclude with. This is a simple prayer, a prayer for strength. In its original version, I focused on the negative feelings, and I countered them by asking for strength. Later, I realized that this was not the proper approach. It made the prayer too weak, and almost implied a giving in to the weaknesses.

Once I made this realization, I re-worded the prayer to focus on my strength, and through the language of the secondary line, to eradicate the weakness from my being. So, for example, while the first version read, I am frightened, so let me find my Power, the new version reads: I have my Power, so I am not frightened. A small change in syntax, but overall, it makes a huge difference in the statement and its psychological affect.

The full prayer reads as such:

I have my Balance,
So I am not weak.

I have my Self,
So I am not lost.

I have my Power,
So I am not frightened.

I have my Path,
So I will Progress.

Finally, when I have said all that needs to be said for the day, and I feel much stronger and centered in myself and focused on achieving my goals, I conclude the meditation. Since I started out by lighting the candle, I finish by blowing the candle out.

Now, since I dont want to think that anything Ive done in that shrine is finished once the candle is no longer burning, what I say as I blow out the candle is this: The candle goes out, but the energy remains. Im not certain if Im entirely happy with the wording here, but I am certainly pleased with the meaning of this phrase. Even when the light is extinguished, that which is the essence of the visible light remains.