House Kheperu


Seated Meditation

Written by: Michelle Belanger

This technique is a good starting off point for a lot of other workings, but I find it very refreshing and energizing to just reach the point where it feels like the energy is moving all through me, stretching above and below, then return to the ordinary world. It's like hitting the re-set button during your daily routine. With a little practice you'll hit the intense state quickly enough that you can do this on your lunch break or during a few spare moments at work. Although this technique will leave you deeply relaxed, it should not make you sleepy. Generally, I experience greater clarity and intensity just after going through this meditation.

External Positioning:
sit up, back straight, legs placed about a foot apart. Your feet should preferably be bear or just in socks, and they should be placed flat against the floor, toes pointing forward. Lay your hands palms-down on your thighs, shoulders loose and relaxed.

Internal Positioning:
Press your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. The tip should be up against the backs of your front teeth and the mid-section should be against your hard palate. Lightly flex the Hu-Yin point at the center of the root chakra. This is a little tricky, as it's a muscle structure we are generally unaware of. In women, it corresponds to the Kegel muscle. In men, it will feel like you're trying not to go to the bathroom. What you are doing here is closing a circuit within your body. By pressing the tongue to the roof of your mouth and flexing the Hu-Yin point, you are forcing the energy to cycle within you as opposed to flowing out.

First Step: Close your eyes and relax. Try not to concentrate too much on the tongue or Hu-Yin point, but keep them in place all the same. Take slow, deep, measured breaths through your nose. Feel yourself breathing in vital energy and breathing out the stress and distractions of the day.

Second Step: Once you feel somewhat relaxed, tilt your head up a little and, with your eyes still closed, turn them as if you were looking at something in the middle of your forehead. This might feel a little strange at first, but basically, the idea is to turn your vision inward. Turn your hands over in your lap so they are cupped, palms-up, fingers slightly over-lapping. Continue to deep, measured breathing.

Third Step: By this point, you should feel a pleasant tingling in various portions of your body. Your hands should feel warm, and you should feel a kind of opening of expanding in the center of your head. Focus on the feelings. Turn all of your thoughts and perceptions inward, to your body. Feel the energy circulating through you, gathering in your hands, flowing from root to center to crown and back again. Feel your feet ground you to earth and feel the energy in your head carrying you upward, toward the universal flow.

Fourth Step: From this point, you can choose to either engage in some kind of visualization or internal energy work, or you can choose to relax out of the intense internal flow and end the meditation.