House Kheperu


Beginning Mediation

Written by: Michelle Belanger

This is a quick and simple method of achieving a focused meditative state, and it will help you draw your attention inward so you may think with perfect clarity. Use this exercise whenever you need to clear your mind, or use it just before you do any kind of intuitive or subtle reality work in order to heighten and focus your perceptions.

The Thirty Count
Sit down and get comfortable. Close your eyes. Take several deep, cleansing breaths.
Begin counting from one to thirty. Count slowly, and quietly enunciate each number. As you count upward, imagine that everything is getting quieter and more internalized. Keep your breathing slow, steady and even, and try to let go of any stress or distractions each time you exhale.

1. At five, let go of any stress or other distractions that prevent you from giving the exercise your total focus.

2. At ten, focus completely on the sound and action of your breathing.

3. At fifteen, draw your awareness even further in, focusing on the sound and feel of your heart as it pumps your blood.

4. At twenty, focus on your pulse and feel it move faintly throughout your entire body.

5. At twenty-five, feel a stillness and clarity arise from deep within. Open yourself to this and welcome it. Let is wash over you.

6. At thirty, allow this focus to deepen so that all of your senses are turned toward your private, inner world. You will not be distracted by outside concerns, nor will you be distracted by any stray thoughts.

From this point, you can choose to use the meditative state simply to regain your inner balance or use it as a jumping-off point for other, more profound metaphysical workings such as energy work, internal alchemy, or creative visualization.