House Kheperu

Kheprian Castes

Warriors and Energy

Written by: Jason Crutchfield

Energy for a Warrior is very different than for the other two castes. A Warrior's energy and their place in the triumvirate is the ground. Warriors take energy in from either Priest or Counselors and ground the energy, making it more stable or if necessary getting rid of it completely. As for feeding, a Warrior can normally get by with only ambient or surface feeding. Compared to the other castes, Warriors can get by a very long time without feeding. Warriors ideally take energy from a Priest. A warrior can feed from a Counselor, but it isnít as effective as when taken from a Priest.

As for their own energy, when a Warrior becomes enraged, their energy will come off them in waves that most will interpret as an attack. It is in fact an attack for it is an active shield that works to first protect the Warrior and second to disrupt any other energy fields that the Warrior is up against.
If a warrior becomes enraged, they must find a way to focus that rage and the energy it produces. In the past focus was easy, the Warrior would simply destroy whatever was annoying them. In todayís world that is impossible, and a Warrior must try to ground the energy out or try to expel the energy through other means, like trying to focus it into something productive.

The best way to handle this energy is for a Counselor to ground the energy out. The Counselor can approach the Warrior and begin taking the energy and help level out the Warriorsí energy. The Counselor can cycle out all the harmful aspects of this energy and either use it for themselves or cast it away. When this is done, it calms the Warrior down and helps them gain control over the energy again. This is one reason why a good relationship between Warrior and Counselor is essential in a triumvirate.

Warriors shield constantly. It is the reason why they are both oblivious to most energy effects and immune to most energy attacks. The Warriors' shields are elaborate and very powerful and donít seem to tax their energy resources. Itís even safe to say that for Warriors shielding comes naturally as most Warriors shield heavily even before Awakening and learning what this was.
Also, most Warriors have a very difficult time lowering their shields for even a short period of time. The effects of the shields can range from basic deflection to some more insidious and cunning shields that let an attackerís energy in so it can be trapped, tracked and spiked. The control of the shield and its power depends on the Warrior and whether or not they are experienced in controlling their shields. Inexperienced warriors often have problems with their shields, sometimes even trapping themselves within them, making energy work very difficult.

The real challenge for a Warrior then is two-fold. Warriors must learn how to control their rage or how to channel it once it's unleashed, and they must learn how to modulate their shields so they are not completely insensitive to energy and can master techniques of energy work.