House Kheperu

Kheprian Castes

The Warrior Caste

Written by: Jason Crutchfield

For a warrior the world only makes sense with a weapon in their hand.


The possibilities that present themselves to the warrior become obvious, and for once it all sits in balance. To create, to destroy; to protect, to attack; to heal or hack, to live or to die. The contradictions make us killers but also make fathers and mothers. The two sides of us, one that creates mighty empires, the other that destroys them. This is the Warrior caste. With a weapon in hand it all makes sense, we know who we were, who we are, and who one day we will be. The past, the present, and the future lies with our every action while we hold that weapon.

The priests bring faith and weave reality, but we are reality. We were forged with armor that blinds us to most sights but protects us from subtle effects that magic holds.

The counselor comforts. They help us see the creator inside of us, and the hope that we can keep the monster that we are in check. They are the ones that let us feel, that let us see, and finally let us love.

Empires were not built with farming shovels, they were built with swords. Good intentions will not keep the wolf from the door. Ours is not a world of ideal peace where everyone loves every one else, and it never will be. A warrior knows that.

Fear rules this world and we serve two purposes in relation to fear. First we protect, so our family need not fear. Second, we give fear to those that would bring our family harm, with hopes that they will go away. And if they donít, then we are ready to let them know why we work so hard to keep our monsters hidden deep within ourselves.

We are warriors in a age without war, so many of us have lost our way. It is easy to do, we are used to a simpler life, a regimented life. Those of us who command are used to giving commands and having them obeyed. Those of us who were soldiers are used to following orders and never having to make decisions for ourselves.

In this time, though, things are different. We donít need vast armies, and we donít need to stay in the field for years on end. We donít need to lead lives filled with the constant threat of death. We just need to get up and go to work every day.

Itís hard to live in a world where we have normal jobs and normal lives when we are used to living by our wits, by our strength, and by our will. Some warriors canít take this world and they spin off, out of control. They go looking for adventure that is not there, or worse, they find adventure only to see that it is against the current laws, and a tiger caged is no tiger at all.

Some warriors get caught up in materialism and let their desire for gaining things get the best of them. It makes sense. When they were in the field it was how they lived, how they fed themselves, but now they get caught up in the need to have. So they hoard till they can hoard no more, and then they fall. Their attachment to all they have, and all they still need, overwhelms them and they are nothing.

In todayís world a warrior must control his urge to rage more than ever, but we must also control our urge to want. We must remember to walk the line between who we were and who we are if we wish to become who we will be. Then again that is the quest of all the castes, and everyone in every way.

We are warriors. We are a proud group that is willing to spill blood --even our own -- to protect those that we love, because we know that to lose those that we love is to lose ourselves to the rage.

To a warrior, a weapon means everything is going to be alright, the wolf will stay away from the door and the rage will sleep for another night.