House Kheperu

Kheprian Castes

Counselors and Spiritual Alchemy

Written by: Michelle Belanger

It is through alchemical terminology that I can best describe the nature and function of the Counselor. Nature and function are one and the same. The Counselor is the athanor - the alchemical forge. This is nature and function. It is through the Counselor spiritual mercury is transformed into spiritual gold, and through the Counselor all transformations are in fact enacted.

I think it will be very helpful for you to refer to the alchemical and Hermetic traditions of the West. Primarily consider the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. Read this in terms of energetic transformations. “He separates spirit from matter, the subtle from the dense.” Consult the Latin when you can find it, and essay a translation of your own. You may be surprised by what you see.

The Hermetic tradition as you know hails from Hellenized Egypt. Hermes Trismegistus is equated with the Moon god, Thoth. Thoth is god of Wisdom. Thoth-Hermes is also equated with Lord Shiva, particularly Shiva in his form of Sacred Androgyne - the marriage of opposites. I trace through these traditions echoes of our own technologies before the Cataclysm. There are hints of our knowledge and practice of energy work and transformation in the Hermetic tradition and through this, the Western alchemical tradition. It is like looking at the past through a series of glassblocks, so the image is distant and quite obscured, but sometimes you can see the shape of it.

Energy work is spiritual alchemy. It is the transforming of base energy signatures into spiritual gold. The Counselor is a crucial step to this transformation. It is within the Counselor that energy of diverse types is taken in, cycled, combined, recombined, and changed. And the end result is something finer, something changed and new. This is the Great Work that you have hit upon in your re-definition as Implicate.

The energy a Counselor is constantly taking in is spiritual mercury. Think of the alchemical descriptions of spiritual mercury, and why it is likened to mercury. It is misty grey, a solid fluid, viscous, mutable. Think of the energy you can see between your hands when you shape an energy ball. Think of how you must form the energy ball, how cupping it will help to shape it, but any direct contact can cause it to disperse into a thousand tiny drops. This is just as physical mercury that will slip away from your fingers if you try to grab on, but can be cupped and contained through more passive (receptive) motions. The refined energy that your system puts out once this spiritual mercury is transformed through many stages is spiritual gold. Moreover, it is the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Life which sustains the Alchemist or Priest.

If you can gaze internally at your energy centers, consider the reconstruction that was performed at the Ba. In the Counselor, this is a hollow structure that is constantly full. It is a vessel, and you are vessel that holds this vessel. All the connections around this empty sphere act upon the energy within, transforming it, condensing it, agitating it, each with their own role for the various stages of transformation.

Consider this, and continue on the course you have set for yourself. You are entering into some very interesting - and vital – territory.

In the waters of the Nuin, at the point of First Creation, I created myself out of desire for myself, and the world was born.