House Kheperu

Kheprian Castes

Introduction to Triumvirate Work

House Kheperu has three castes for a reason. Each is seen as an integral part of an energetic whole. The energetic unit created by the proper interaction of a member of each caste is called a triumvirate. This potent magickal triad creates a very special interaction with energy. Triumvirate work is a magickal technique that involves building an energetic circuit between three people. The three people involved each have to be tuned to a specific “flow” of energy for this to work in its most ideal form.

One of the reasons we have castes in HK is that the castes each represent these three main flows of energy: positive, negative, and neutral, also represented as masculine, feminine, and in between.

On the basic level, energy is circulated from one to the next in an unbroken circuit. In Kheprian terms, the main circuit flows from Warrior (masculine) to Counselor (feminine) to Priest (in between) and back again to Warrior.

A more advanced technique involves circulating a secondary energy backward through the circuit at the same time, uniting the three the other way around: Priest-Counselor-Warrior-Priest.

For the most part, this is an energy building exercise. It refines energy between the three, producing a very potent energy that can then be harnessed for magickal workings of various sorts. The technique also tends to break down the barriers of self between the three people involved -- a side effect that can have fairly severe psychological ramifications for those who are not prepared for it.

It's very alchemical in the sense that the three become one and that one is greater than the sum of its parts, capable of yielding an energy that no one part would be able to harness on its own.

Laurell K. Hamilton's fiction comes into play in part because, as has been pointed out elsewhere, she began, after the first few novels, to seriously integrate real magickal techniques iinto her stories. This first is reflected in the values of Wicca being integrated into some of the magickal practices that are described in the books. With her vampires, she started to drift away from the emphasis on blood, instead researching psychic vampirism and its relation to energy. Now her books include very accurate descriptions of energy work in them, and a part of the more advanced energetic workings she connects to her vampires involves triumvirate work.

Although I stress that Hamilton's books are fiction, I will admit that she has managed to depict a fairly accurate triumvirate through the characters of Anita (Counselor), Jean-Claude (Priest), and Richard (Warrior). Amusingly enough, the sexual, metaphysical, and emotional troubles that these three also encounter as a result of their identity as a triumvirate reflect with eerie accuracy the reality of triumvirate work.