House Kheperu

Introduction to the House Kheperu website

This site has several purposes.  First, of course, it is intended to explain and make available our teachings to as wide an audience as possible.  Second, and no less important, it is intended as a clearing house of information, where anyone with an interest in the metaphysical, occult, and esoteric, may come and use our resources for research.  Although we do not specifically consider ourselves Wiccan, Pagan, or New Age, we realize that many of our teachings will be of interest and use to individuals who follow those paths.  Our beliefs and practices intersect with a number of world mystical traditions, and any who are familiar with the esoteric practices of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, and shamanism will find resonances with these systems within our own work.

Although it has its roots in several very ancient traditions, the Kheprian system is a mystical tradition for the twenty-first century.  The teachings on this site have been written to be as accessible as possible to modern readers. Those who might otherwise stumble over the obscure concepts and terms of an Eastern esoteric system will find the Kheprian beliefs straight-forward and easy to comprehend.  There are no secrets in this system: no vital teaching is with-held for only a select group of elite students.  Instead, everything about our system is explained in the simplest language possible and presented where everyone can see it.

Some groups might distrust this method, suggesting that certain teachings should never get into the hands of those unready to use them.  Yet we maintain that understanding will come only when an individual is ready for it.  Thus, by putting everything here for anyone to see, we allow synchronicity to lead individuals to this site so that they may be exposed to the ideas that will benefit them precisely at the right point along their path.  If we were to suppress any of this information, or worse, place a monetary value upon it, we would frustrate the natural flow of synchronicity, and undoubtedly some individuals who would have benefited greatly from what we have to offer would never be exposed to the material they need at just the right time.

What all this boils down to is you, whoever you are, have come to this site for a purpose.  Events in your life led you here, and those events were not simply random.  Even if you were just "surfing the web" and happened on a link here, following it just on impulse, there is a deeper purpose to that impulse.  There is no such thing as coincidence and everything in our lives happens for a reason.

What is your purpose here?  Only you can decide that.  You may have been drawn here because there is some lesson waiting for you in one of the many articles or exercises available on the site.  You may have been drawn here just to be exposed to a belief system that you do *not* agree with, and thus you can more fully develop what you *do* believe.  Some of you may have been drawn here because these beliefs are something you've held to and practiced all along, but since you'd never seen them written down, you were never really sure of your own faith.  Revelation comes in the strangest ways, and sometimes all it takes for an epiphany to occur is finding someone who has written just the right words to express what you've known all along.  Whatever your purpose, you are here: read, learn, and enjoy.

Michelle Belanger