House Kheperu

Welcome to the House Kheperu website

Welcome to, the online home of House Kheperu!  If you've been here before, you'll see we've made some changes -- pretty radical ones, too.  Don't be afraid, though.  This is still, and it houses all the same material it has become so well-known for.

Originally, this site was intended mostly to tell you about who we are and what we believe.  But from feedback we've gotten from the many people who visit this site, it seems the most important thing about HK is all the information on energy and metaphysics that we've gathered together in one place.  So, to that end, we've overhauled things to make the site much more information intensive and user-friendly.

Finally, we are working to bring our foreign visitors some translated versions of our more important documents.  The Codex, for example, has been translated into several different languages since its public release back in 1999, and we're trying to compile most of these translations here for your use. We are also working to integrate podcasts and other multi-media to help expand the usefulness of the site. 


Michelle Belanger
Updated 2008