House Kheperu


About the House Kheperu Gather

In October 2000, House Kheperu hosted a weekend gathering that featured presentations, workshops and panel discussions of interest to the community. About forty people attended that first Open House, and we had a blast. Community response was so positive, that we decided to make the event a regular occurrence, and we've hosted these Open Houses ever since.

House Kheperu’s Gathers serve several purposes. First, they give everyone in the community a chance to get to know the people behind House Kheperu better. Second, some of the seminars are House-specific -- they're designed to introduce those who are curious to what we believe and how we do things. Third, the workshops and seminars are intended to educate the community in a diversity of metaphysical topics -- so we also feature guest speakers, general topics, and open discussions that allow everyone to share their individual experiences and points of view.

This year's Gather is scheduled for May 15th, 16th, and 17th 2015. For more information, registration, hotel and class submission information, please click the links on the left.