House Kheperu

Energy Work

Our Relation to Vital Energy

Written by: Michelle Belanger

So what is this all-important but nebulous thing, “energy”? Energy comes in many different frequencies and “types”. Nearly everything that is physical has some energy about it as well, whether it has produced this energy itself or picked it up from its environment. Energy is not specifically anchored to physical things, however. It also flows freely throughout the subtle reality, moving in eddies and floes that are sometimes swept up in the currents of our passing.

As far as incarnated beings are concerned, probably the most fundamental type of energy is life energy. Life energy, also known as chi, ki, or prana, is within, throughout, and all around us. It is in the air we breathe. It fuels our bodies. It has a significant effect on our environments, our mental states, and our health. While we are constantly taking in chi to sustain ourselves, we are also constantly giving off a certain amount of energy. This disperses from us like dust from our passing. This energetic dust usually resonates with our particular energy signature for a while, although after a time this fades. The energy we give off can also be charged with our emotions, and it is typically this emotionally-charged energy that we are responding to when we get a particular feeling from a house or from a room.

Chi comes to us from many sources, including the sun, the stars, the earth, and every living thing. Every vital component of the universe produces some kind of energy. Humans, animals, and plants all produce their own unique kind of energy, and some of this is radiated out into the environment where it is swept away by the currents of the subtle reality, recycled and transformed. This is a very dynamic cycle, and it keeps everything in the universe interconnected - for just as everything in the cosmos produces life energy, so too does everything require life energy to continue its existence.

We take in some life energy with the physical food that we eat. Predictably, fresh fruits and vegetables have a good deal of energy in them in addition to their regular vitamins and nutrients. But food does not need to be straight out of the ground in order to have a good balance of life energy to it. The very act of preparing food with care and attention can imbue that food with energy. Ever notice how the food prepared for you by a loved one always seems tastier and more fulfilling? My mother always claimed that she put love in her food, and although I won’t dispute that, one thing is certain: by focusing her love and caring while preparing the food, she was certainly adding some of her vital energy to the meal.

Sustaining Body and Spirit
Even though it helps our physical and spiritual well-being to eat food that has some vital energy to it, physical food rarely contains enough energy to sustain both our physical and our subtle bodies. But there are plentiful sources of energy available to us beyond our physical food.

Most ordinary humans are sustained by the energy produced by their natural environment - usually from the earth or the heavens. Their connection to this energy is so fundamental that they can take it into themselves without really thinking about it. It’s more natural and instinctual than breathing. Their bodies absorb the raw, universal energy and attune it to the human frequency so it can be adequately used by their bodies. There are some people whose connection seems broken or interrupted, and these often have to learn how to take energy consciously in order to maintain their health. Such individuals are labeled “psychic vampires” because they typically need to take vital chi directly from other people, making them nominally like the life-sucking vampires of myth.

As vital as life energy is to our overall health and well-being, it’s obvious that our physical bodies cannot be sustained on energy alone. There are some esoteric techniques which occur in Yoga and some Taoist systems that harness the energy of the subtle body in order to extend the amount of time the physical body can go without actual food, but these are techniques best left to the masters. Most of the rest of us, deprived of food, will weaken and grow ill.

But we should remember that our subtle bodies are a part of this healthy functioning system as well, and if we are cut off from a regular supply of energy, that aspect of our selves will also weaken and grow ill. If we are unaware of this aspect of ourselves, we might feel constantly sick and tired and yet have no real physical ailment to account for this weakness. The problem may very likely lie with our energy. It has been postulated by a number of energy workers that many systemic disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are caused by an energy deficiency. Psychic vampires, mentioned above, who have not learned to consciously take energy, frequently suffer from a variety of illnesses due to their poor connection to other energetic sources.

We by no means have a healthy culture where our vital energy is concerned. Where homemade meals can prove to be sustaining to both body and spirit, meals thrown together out of week-old materials which languish under heat-lamps to retain some semblance of freshness are hardly rich in any kind of vital energy. In ways far beyond mere nutrition, fast food meals are empty calories, totally lacking in any kind of energy to sustain us. Just because the sensation of physical hunger subsides after that hamburger and fries, we assume that we’ve taken care of our needs. We very rarely notice that our energy bodies are starving, simply because we don’t know what spiritual hunger feels like anymore.