House Kheperu

Energy Work

Chi: The Energy of Life

Written by: Michelle Belanger

Life energy, also known as chi, ki, or prana is all around us. It is in the air we breathe. It fuels our bodies. It has a significant effect on our environments, our mental states, and our health. We in the West may have a hard time adjusting to this concept, because our culture is largely a material one. Our fundamentally material ideals tend to blind us to the spiritual aspects of the world. The average American finds it hard to believe that he is both a physical and a spiritual being, and that he moves through two worlds at once: the physical one that he can see with his bodily eyes and the spiritual one which he can only perceive with senses long dormant.

This may be changing, however. In recent years, a number of Oriental techniques have been imported to the West. These techniques, such as Qui Gong, Feng Shui, and Reiki, all rely upon the fundamental existence of energy. Qui Gong and Reiki are both techniques used to heal the body and the mind through a conscious manipulation of energy. Feng Shui goes a step farther, acknowledging the healing aspects of energy while proscribing techniques for adjusting your living space to allow for the optimal and most healthy flow of energy. The principles of Feng Shui presume that we are both physical and spiritual beings, and that the world we move in has dual aspects as well. These aspects are delicately intertwined with one another, and changes in one affect the other - even down to the placement of furniture.

What disciplines like Qui Gong, Reiki, and Feng Shui tell us is that energy affects us every moment of our lives. We move it and are moved by it everyday, waking or sleeping. Chi comes to us from many sources, including the sun, the stars, the earth, and every living thing. Every vital component of the universe produces some kind of chi. Humans, animals, and plants all produce their own unique kind of chi, and some of this is radiated out into the environment where it is swept away by the currents of the subtle reality, recycled and transformed. This is a very dynamic cycle, and it keeps everything in the universe interconnected - for just as everything in the cosmos produces chi, so too does everything require chi to continue its existence.

Most ordinary humans are sustained by the chi produced by their natural environment - usually from the earth or the heavens. Their connection to this chi is so fundamental that they can take it into themselves without really thinking about it. It's more natural and instinctual than breathing. Their bodies absorb the raw, universal chi and attune it to the human frequency so it can be adequately used by their bodies. Most people do not use a great deal of their chi. It could even be said that the ordinary person tends to waste their chi unmindfully, lacking any awareness of or appreciation for how this subtle aspect of their existence impacts their physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

Individuals who have cultivated an awareness of their energy bodies and their relation to the energy of the world around them, however, gain a heightened sensitivity to chi and its impact on the body. Such individuals, through meditation and various other exercises, can learn how to harness the chi in the bodies in order to improve their physical, spiritual, and mental well-being, as well as harnessing the chi in the world around them so as to create long-reaching affects - a technique considered by some to be magick.

Individuals who use a great deal of chi in transforming themselves or the world around them necessarily must replenish that chi in some manner. The natural solution is of course to consciously take in more chi from the environment, or whatever natural source resonates most completely with the individual in question. Some people, for one reason or another, are not as completely connected to the universal cycle, however. Earth chi does not sustain them as readily as it does everyone else, and solar chi is something they're almost completely unable to process. More often than not, the chi such individuals use to sustain themselves is taken directly from other people. It is the living chi of humanity and it is a very vital and potent source.

House Kheperu was founded by and is maintained for individuals who take an active role in participating in the constant energy exchange between people and their environment. Our members are individuals who have cultivated and refined their energies to a point where they have almost complete mastery over their physical and subtle bodies. They have developed techniques to harness their chi for healing, for increased strength and endurance, and for the so-called magickal techniques of altering the world around them. All of our members have had this capacity since early childhood, whether latent or realized, and it is one of our contentions that many of us have carried these skills and abilities with us from lifetime to lifetime.

Any person, with enough dedication and cultivation of their spirit, could achieve the same level of awareness and skill that those of House Kheperu enjoy. This is not a capacity exclusive to our group: rather, it is a talent inherent in all humanity, should they simply choose to open themselves up to it. As spiritual immortals who have carried this knowledge and understanding with us through many, many lifetimes, we have made ourselves guardians of this wisdom, and have established the Household in order to share it with those who seek a deeper understanding of it themselves.