House Kheperu

Energy Work

Refining Energy

Written by: Michelle Belanger

Refining Energy In the seated position, first achieve a stillpoint within yourself (grounding and centering), turning your senses inward and concentrating on the rhythm of your body - particularly your breathing and your heart. If you deepen your breathing, slowing its rhythm, your heart will follow, and your body will begin to relax.

From this, focus on increasing your energy with each intake of breath. Draw in energy from every point of your being, using your breathing as a focus.

This is how you should be breathing: draw the breath lightly but steadily in through your nose. Breathe in for a count of seven. Hold the breath deep in your abdomen for a count of three. Exhale through your mouth for a count of seven, blowing lightly as if you were exhaling through a straw or playing a note on a flute. As your breathe, focus your senses inward and see the energy building at your center.

Allow this energy to build, continuing your measured breathing, until you start to feel very warm. You may also feel a tingling sensation throughout your entire body, as well as a blossoming sensation behind your eyes and behind your sternum.

Once the energy has built to a point where you feel bathed in it from within, turn your will inward and begin to concentrate the energy. Focus it into a smaller and smaller space so that instead of filling you and coursing through your torso, arms, and legs, it instead hangs suspended in a tight little ball at your center. Continue to build energy while focusing on that which you have already gathered. With each breath now, this ball should not enlarge but instead grow concentrated and more dense.

This is the refinement of energy. When you have done that successfully, the energy you have gathered will change states, attaining a higher quality which is deeper, more intense, and greatly sustaining.