House Kheperu

Energy Work

Perception and Healing Work

Written by: Michelle Belanger

As you progress into more advanced areas of energy work, you will discover that the lines between the subtle body and the physical body are not often distinct. The two aspects of existence are intricately interlinked, and it is often impossible to separate one from the other. Especially when you are performing advanced techniques, you will find your perceptions of the subtle and the physical often shift.

Sometimes, you will perceive both levels at once, as if you were looking at a double-exposure on film. Sometimes, the sense of "where" you are and what you are working on will slide back and forth between the subtle and the physical. One moment, the energy you have extended into the subject is working on their energy. The next moment, you will have a clear and distinct image of internal organs, and it will be apparent that your work impacts these as well.

Furthermore, you will find that space on the subtle level is vastly different from physical space. Once you initiate a connection to your subject's energy, you will be able to move within them. When you intend for your energy to interact with their energy, it will. Other times, your energy will pass right through theirs, perhaps going from the surface to a much deeper level without affecting anything in between. Size is also very relative in this state, and one moment you may perceive the tiniest capillaries with microscopic accuracy and in the next, your perceptions may have pulled back to encompass the entire body, viewed as whole.

Distance and boundaries also are not fixed as they are in the physical realm. Objects and even beings in the subtle reality can seemingly exist one on top of the other yet not interact with one another at all. There are laws that govern these interactions, but they are vastly different from familiar physical laws.

Perceiving this level will be confusing at first. Inside and outside can quickly become terms relative to where you want to be at the time. You will be able to sit in front of a person and perceive their insides from several different perspectives even as you also stare at the front of their shirt. If you concentrate your perceptions upon a particular organ, it is common for you to "see" the outside of this organ and the inside as well, in addition to its energy reflection in the subtle body. All of these perceptions will occur at the same time, making it difficult to sort through the myriad of impressions in your mind.

Your interactions on this level are just as multi-layered and complex. You may lay your hand against a person's chest only to find that at the same time your hand is somehow inside of them as well. The physical motions of your hands will direct tendrils of your energy that will cross the boundaries of spirit and flesh. The key is not the physical motion, but the intent. Direct your Will toward what you want to accomplish, and your energy will follow.

Authorís Note: This was originally the section "Duality and Paradox" in the Codex. But in the Weiser edition, I cover these concepts more coherently in context with specific healing techniques. So it didn't make the cut. The ideas are still helpful to anyone who's getting into more advanced subtle reality interactions, so I've saved it for the page.