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Energy Work

My Healing Techniques

Written by: Michelle Belanger

I've had a couple of people ask me to describe my method of healing others. I've described it as being close to Reiki, but since then I've learned that Reiki uses an energy source that comes from outside of both healer and subject to accomplish the healing. In this respect, the Reiki healing uses energy to heal, but it's not their energy -- they're serving as a channel for a universal healing access that their Reiki training gives them access to. When I do healing, I do not use energy from the outside. I use only my own energy and that of the person I'm working on. As with Reiki, I lay on hands, but apparently that's about where the similarity ends.
So how do I affect a healing? Here's the break-down, described as clearly as I can English something that I know how to do on a very non-verbal, non-thinking level:

First, I lay my hand/s on the other person, generally over the spot that needs attention. Using the physical contact as a focus, I then extend a portion of my energy into them, moving through the aura to the deeper levels of energy with the energy body & chakras. This generates that warmth and tingling that most people who do Reiki are familiar with. The other person experiences this warmth and often the tingling as well.

The next step can take a few seconds or several minutes of concentration depending on the other person, how on the ball I am that day, and sundry other variables. Reaching into their energy, I try to "tune" it to a frequency that better matches my own. This in part starts the loop, because it's more about balancing our disparate energies out so they will work together better and less about forcing the other person to match up to me. So there are changes I make in my own energy pattern to match up with theirs as well.

In a lot of ways, this is an essential part of the synergy, for while I'm taking in their energy, it's best for my system to view it as basically my own energy and not attack / reject it, and the same goes for them. It's best if their systems can relate to the energy moving within them as something that matches theirs, not an invasion or intrusion. For me it's more a feeling that we're in balance once I've made a connection for a few moments, and then it's always easier to heal the other person once that balance is there.

So that's pretty much where to loop begins. I give and take and we balance together. This has the effect of getting the other person's energy moving in places where maybe it's stagnated or gotten blocked. Cycling like this is like using the filtration system in a pool -- the energy has to keep moving, and that way the impurities can be screened out.

For as long as I maintain that contact and sustain the loop and balance, then working to heal the other person is just like healing myself. I close my eyes and I "see" what's wrong and where, and I move my energy to fix it. And it works just like they're a part of my body, and extension of me.
Whenever I exchange energy with someone, there is a natural filter that's in effect and that keeps us from exchanging impurities (?) or illness. A filter is like a modified shield -- it's porous and it allows "this and not that" selections in the energy. I want the energy that is the essence of the person to pass through back and forth, but I do not want to allow anything else to pass between us.

Probably the best and most effective healing I did recently, I went a step farther than laying hands on the person. She was having serious problems with her female parts and had been bleeding for over a month, very steadily. I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her, laying hands over the affected area. Her spine was aligned with my spine, and so our energy bodies were matched up, chakra to chakra. Then I extended my energy into / around her from all points of contact until we were occupying almost the same space with our energy bodies. Her body and my body essentially being the same on the energy level, then I just found the problem and fixed it, bringing the energy in that area in line with my own healthy functioning in that area.

Because of the strong connection that's formed when I do healing, it's imperative to let go gradually. Sometimes there's a lot of me extended into the other person, and I have to ease the connection or we'll both feel it (kind of like a rubber band snapping in your head -- not all that pleasant, although not dangerous in the long term as far as I've been able to tell). Once the connection is broken, both my energy and the energy of the other person will start naturally to return to their normal, individual frequencies, but we both usually feel a little strange afterward -- light-headed, a little spacey -- very similar I think to the effects of some deep Reiki healings. There are sometimes some lingering telepathic / empathic effects where we share very similar thoughts and feelings, but that fades as the distinctions between our individual selves sharpen once more.

One side effect that I have consistently noticed is the loop tends to automatically agitate or "wake up" the person's energy in a good way. So in addition to cycling out blockages and moving stagnant energy, the person seems to gain a heightened awareness of their energy body for a few days to a few weeks afterward. Latent senses usually kick in, and often any potential that person has, if it's lain dormant, starts to awaken. A friend of mine who practices a type of Hindu yoga suggested that in my raising their frequency to meet mine, even for a little while, this is a natural side effect, and he likened it to a yogi's ability to induce samadhi in his student -- it's all a matter of altering the energy and raising the frequency.