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The Mind Body Connection in Health

Written by: Michelle Belanger

Subtle body ailments can be brought about by energy attacks on the subtle body, but in many cases, the problem arises from mental or emotional activity. Thought creates energy, and negative thoughts can create negative conditions in the subtle body. Emotional states also impact the sbutle body. Basically, the energy of the subtle body is very responsive to thought and will. What we focus on, even unconsciously, to bring into ourselves and our lives, is reflected in the subtle body. In this way a hypochondriac can actually create his disease, and this problem will manifest first in the subtle body. Then, once it has grown to a serious condition, it will spill over into the physical body and begin to have tangible physical symptoms. Simply because the illness started "out in the head" of the hypochondriac does not make it any less real once it has gotten to this stage.

We create our own reality.
Some illnesses arise from a conflict in the mental or emotional life of the subject, and although the subtle and physical symptoms are treated, the illness will continue to recur until a significant change has been made in the subject's lifestyle. Basically, they have to stop doing whatever is hurting them, or work through the problems that are inhibiting their mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

In such cases, the manifestation of the illness is symbolic of the issue or conflict. Though these metaphors may seem facile, it is usually possible to draw lines between mental and emotional states and the physical ailments of a person. Individuals with heart disease often have emotional difficulties -- especially difficulties expressing themselves, difficulties loving and being loved. Men who have an unhealthy attitude toward their sexuality tend to develop prostate cancer later in life or testicular cancer earlier. Women who hate their bodies or whose sexuality has caused them to be victimized in the past often manifest their pain and anger at their sexuality through breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer.

Obviously, these emotional factors are not the only causes of disease, but the symbolic value of an illness should not be under-rated. At the very least, a patient with an illness that is deeply symbolic of a recurring life issue is undoubtedly aware of this symbolism on a semi-conscious level. The patient's attitude toward the issue and ability to reconcile their current situation with it can have a far-reaching impact upon their recovery.

The mental and emotional states have a significant impact on our spiritual state. Our physical health is similarly intertwined. Therefore, total wellness requires that we address issues in mind, spirit and body simultaneously, insuring that the subject being treated for a physical ill is also energetically sound, and seeing that their emotional and mental well-being remains in balance so further problems do not recur.