House Kheperu


Dreamwalking and Links

Written by: Michelle Belanger

There are two types of dreamwalking: dreamwalking from the borderline state and dreamwalking from full sleep. Dreamwalking from the borderline state feels much more like meditation or creative visualization. Dreamwalking directly from the state of REM sleep is literally the ability to walk to other people in dreams. This is classic dreamwalking, and it is at once easier and more difficult to master than dreamwalking from the borderline state.

Most people have a natural capacity to dreamwalk. However, dreamwalking is typically the province of the unconscious mind. Most of our dreamwalking experiences occur spontaneously, driven by personal crisis or deep need. One of the goals of this book is to help people become aware of this unconscious ability so they can begin to exercise it with conscious intent. To this end, the first type of dreamwalking we are going to address is classic dreamwalking.

As covered in my previous book, The Psychic Vampire Codex, psychic vampires quite naturally dreamwalk, often going forth to those who are close to them in order to unconsciously feed. Even when psychic vampires have cultivated the ability to consciously direct their dreamwalking, spontaneous dreamwalking will occur if they reach a certain level of energetic need. In such cases, while the basic mechanics of dreamwalking are already understood (at least on some level), the real learning experience involves bringing this understanding into the conscious mind so that the individual can exert control over the ability.

The capacity to dreamwalk is hardly exclusive to psychic vampires, however. Just about anyone can cultivate the ability to dreamwalk consciously. Dreamwalking can be used to engage in energy exchange with others, not only allowing for feeding but also for energetic support and healing. Dreamwalking can also be harnessed for the purpose of communicating with others, from simply checking up on a distant friend to engaging in instruction with far away students.

It is also possible to use dreamwalking as a kind of psychic attack. For this reason, care should be taken, especially among psychic vampires, to insure that the person being dreamwalked to has given consent to an experience that could otherwise be perceived as a profound personal invasion.

Classic dreamwalking -- dreamwalking from a full state of REM sleep -- may seem like a difficult prospect at first. When we are asleep and dreaming we are typically not conscious of this fact. Short of lucid dreaming, how does one both dream in direct that dream toward dreamwalking? Much of this comes down to learning how our conscious and unconscious minds communicate. Once we can essentially program our unconscious to achieve goals we set for it once we're asleep, then the rest is easy. To dreamwalk to someone, all you really have to do is focus on a link.

Links serve as anchor points between you and the people you are connected to. Think of them as the pathways of dream. We forge links with people whenever we share an intense, intimate exchange with them. This could be a deep, heart-felt and emotional conversation with a friend or it could be a passionate moment between lovers. Most psychic vampire feeding techniques, especially deep feeding, establishes a link between vampire and donor. Emotionally charged relations, like the connection between mother and child or even the interaction between bitter enemies can forge links that tie us to one another energetically, emotionally, and karmically. They are strands of soul-stuff connecting us to the people we have touched and been touched by deeply -- energy and emotions can pass back and forth along these lines. Harnessing that connected consciously allows us to never be separated from the people we are connected to.

Links are not affected by distance, making them an ideal focus for dreamwalking, which typically seeks contact with someone far away. Almost all of the exercises for dreamwalking I describe in my book, Psychic Dreamwalking, focus on harnessing links in through different visualizations. The key thing to remember is that on an energetic level, distance is what we make of it, and if we seek to reach out to someone we have shared a deep connection with, so long as our Will is focused, we can do it.