House Kheperu


Positions for Dreamwalking

Written by: Michelle Belanger

Most people prefer to lie down for their dreamwalking, and I’m among them. If you are not dreamwalking from your bedroom, consider investing in a futon mattress or at least a yoga mat to stretch out on the floor of the room you will be working from. Comfort, again, is important, although you don’t want to get so comfortable that you simply fall asleep. Your body temperature will drop as you slip into the dreamstate, so consider covering yourself with a blanket or at the very least keeping a blanket handy. One of the benefits of using the hypnagogic state to dreamwalk is that you can pull yourself out of things fairly easily, adjust your physical surroundings, and then return almost immediately to the dreamspace.

Although most people will most certainly work from their beds, you may also consider sitting in a chair for this exercise. A straight-backed chair that has enough padding to be comfortable is ideal. Sit with your back straight, head erect and facing forward, feet flat on the ground, and your hands held palms down on the tops of your legs. This is called the Egyptian position, and if you can call to mind the many images of pharaohs sitting oh so properly upon their thrones, you’ll have an idea of why.

I can’t say that I prefer this position for dreamwalking, although I have used it with success. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this position comes to those who have trouble staying awake during their journeys. Sitting upright in the chair has the added benefit of waking you up if your head drops forward in sleep.

My dreaming chamber is in the basement of our house, tucked away in a corner where there are no windows. Thick cement block separates me from the rest of the world. The lighting down there is dim, and I keep a sound track of Gregorian chant playing softly in the background to cover up any extraneous noise. The space is draped with cloth and frequently fumed with incense to give it a magickal, otherworldly air. Energetically, a great deal of work has gone into this room, reinforcing the walls, warding the entire chamber from any unwanted spiritual intruders, and in general heightening the energy until the space practically vibrates with ritual intent. Not everyone is going to have the luxury of the space that I do, but when living in apartments, I frequently made use of a walk-in closet instead. The incense, the draperies, the constant thrum of soft music, and the energetic work was all the same, and so even though the space was smaller and located two stories up in a more urban setting, the effect was nearly identical.