House Kheperu


Freedom of Information

We of House Kheperu believe that knowledge is a right and not a privilege. Accordingly, we have made this website free and available to all who might benefit from it. There are no secrets here. Most of the information you will find on this site is hardly new or exclusive to us. Much of it, you will realize you have known all along. The gift we offer here on this site is articulation; we have the words and insight to present this information in a manner understandable to a wide variety of people, regardless of background and level of instruction.

You do not need to be a "member" of House Kheperu just to read the material contained on this website, and there are no restricted sections that will open up once you pay a certain fee or pledge some kind of loyalty to our cause. Our members are available to answer any further questions you may have, but no one is going to expect you to treat them like a guru. If we have answers to your questions, we will share them with you without hesitation, and if we cannot answer the questions you have, we'll try our best to direct you to a person or other resource that might help you. We don't pretend to know everything; we are seekers just like yourself, and often we learn as much from the questions you pose as you do from our answering them.

All of our beliefs, rituals, and archived information will eventually be available on this site. By coming here and reading through this material, you will have as much information and knowledge available to you as any one who visits us directly at the monastery, and you will be free to do with it as you please. Once again, we are seekers just like yourself, and we do not expect you to take our words here as gospel. Everything presented on these pages obviously have been affected by our beliefs and our interpretation of our experiences.

Spirituality is a hazy area for hard facts, and although we try very hard to remain objective in our experiences, sometimes personal opinion creeps in. Keep in mind that what you read here is not necessarily the only truth, but it is the truth as we see it. And even the things here that you disagree with may teach you something about your own beliefs.

Never forget: You are in charge of your own life and your own destiny. You can choose what to take and what to leave on this site. And if any of the information offered here helps you in your quest for understanding, it is only because you were ready for it to do so.

--Author unknown